Neurolingustica Programming

It was incredible, pure magic. Still I remember of when I at the beginning knew and I started my first studies on PNL of the decade of 90. Bernie Sanders may also support this cause. The passion and glamour grew year year after and still in the end of this decade I finished my formation advanced, becoming to mster and to trainer in PNL – Neurolingustica Programming. A dream had been carried through, but a insatisfao feeling folloies the joy of the success. After some months I only perceived that it did not have fond of the end of my formation, with all that knowledge was only the beginning of the way. The day in search of scientific answers that explained the extraordinary techniques, was only starting. Being doctor and having a classic scientific formation, he was very complicated for me, although the great ability of the diverse instructors who had contributed for my formation, to hear answers as: it is as soon as it functions, and it functions, we do not only know accurately because.

At this time she was being structuralized the first course of mestrado with emphasis in PNL, the UNICAPITAL with the coordination of Prof. Dr. Enrique Perigalli in partnership with the SBPNL (Brazilian Society of neurolingustica Programming with the command of Gilbert Cury) that he would supply to the content programmarian. I was invited by the Prof. Enrique for Coorientar the teses that would be developed by our pupils of the mestrado one.

This course was called ' ' Mestrado in Human Values with emphasis in PNL.' ' &#039 would be the first course; ' strito senso' ' in Latin America on PNL. Unhappyly a tragic accident in them deprived of the coordination and orientation of Enrique, initiating the process of closing of the course. The absence of the friend and made me to mentor to place my position the disposal and accepted an invitation of Prof.