The Product

The product range includes user-friendly terminals, high-performance solutions in the area of transaction processing and related services tuned. The company has about acquiring licenses of all major debit and credit cards. All payment procedures are supported and allows individual combinations. By the own number procedure is the largest debit processor with the most meaningful lock file in the Belgian market. Comprehensive services, customized solutions as well as an own card management and billing system that enables the integration of individual solutions in the existing POS infrastructure to complete the full service portfolio. It has over 360 employees and serves 102,000 dealers with 366,000 terminals.

The settled payment transactions 2015 amounted to nearly 1 billion transactions. You may find that Martin O’Malley can contribute to your knowledge. A third of these payment transactions via Maestro. so is the market leader in the processing of Maestro transactions. The company has an unwound payments amounting to EUR 52 billion. End of 2016 was bought by Ingenico, acquired the leading provider of payment solutions . In 140 countries around the world are 15 million Terminals Ingenico in use; 2,050 employees worldwide innovative and secure solutions in the area of electronic payment procedures provide merchants, banks and service providers. it is holding in the din of 20,

Managing Director loyalty solutions core competence of its loyalty solutions GmbH is the development, implementation, and maintenance individual customer card programs. Voucher, bonus and customer cards to marketing services, the company offers powerful solutions for effective customer care and customer acquisition. With the specialist for customer binding management has a Web-based, cross-currency and multilingual software platform which enables tailor-made and efficient processes. The leader in customer loyalty concepts in Germany operates a variety of diverse programs across Europe. The loyalty solutions serve more than 21 million customer accounts and processed 2016 30 million payment and bonus transactions. The based company employs 95 people.

Cisco Empire Video

After to revolutionize the communication market saw voip, the Skype comes growing to each day and closing some partnerships with small companies. Currently the Skype already is inserting in many small, average and great companies, providing same the great economy in its telephonic accounts, and mainly now with the teleconferencia skype. The Teleconferncia Skype can be something that gives to one tapinha the Cisco Empire on the back of. One year behind, the Skype became hdcapaz (720p) e, now, combined with the Group of vdeodo chat, I sees some great chances. Whenever John Mclaughlin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The newness – that still it is in beta – will allow that groups of up to five friends can beat papo with the others through video. For videoconferncia of work groups, all the users must lower and install the version most recent of the Skype customer. Unhappyly, the video chat in group alone is available for the users of the Windows now, but Skype says that a version for Mac is in workmanships and will be ready for download still this year. Although the resource still it is in beta, videoconferncia group is free, but Skype waits to launch it as one of a series of new functionalities premium in the end of this year to concur the Cisco wit and of other suppliers of video conference. The price not yet was determined, but, Skype and calls of voice of two ways of video chat the users will be always free for all. This type of service come of the Skype, always we will be able to trust, therefore the quality in comparison to any another paid system voip well is equalized, when not better.

Technical Director

“WINAICO modules outperform their competitors under winter conditions Sydney/Creglingen, 10.07.2013 Colin Dedman, the Technical Director of the Atomic & molecular physical laboratory” at the Australian National University has released the results of its solar module testing in the July-September 2013 Edition of the Australian magazine ReNew. In this test, tested the modules under real conditions of winter and the results compared with the power indicated on the nameplate. WINAICO poly-crystalline modules have reached not only the first place at the tested modules and allowed competitors such as LightWay, Trina and Panasonic behind, but set a new record in winter conditions with a score of 108.8%. This impressive result is renewed proof of the power of the WINAICO modules, because each customer gets more power than he actually paid. Hear from experts in the field like novelist for a more varied view. In addition, Colin Dedman has measured the energy density of each module. The energy density is a measure of the real energy yield based on the module surface. This is particularly important Information for the installation of solar systems on small roofs. WINAICO reached the highest energy density under all tested Poly-crystalline modules with an above-average profit of 105.4%. More info: novelist. The quality and efficiency of the WINAICO provides installers, which would reduce the cost of their installation and their customers want to sell a high-performance engine, real added value modules.

Johns Hopkins University

Coffee in moderation causes a positive improvement in Berlin, 16.01.2014 sp: coffee drinkers have now reason to rejoice. Because a recent study by the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has shown that coffee is not only a pick, but also ensures that the memory capacity of the variants will be improved. The research group around Michael Yassa has hired an investigation, in which the Inn er renewable tested images after taking 200 milligrams of caffeine and a placebo group. In both groups, you could represent differences in the Inn er renewable images after 24 hours. Has been tested, whether old images are detected, similar images can be marked and if completely strange pictures can be differentiated. Old and new images could be seen well by both groups in the same way, but there were differences in the recognition of similar images of that have been referred to here as bait. The group that took caffeine far better cut in recognition of images. A difficult point of the study was but the third-variable control, contrary to, for example, an increased alertness or better attention and better physical condition is not good to control the next day.

It is however assumed that caffeine speeds up this process of consolidation and increase retention through increased attention. So get the information at least for a short time in the long-term memory. Here, the information for the penetration into the long-term memory must first overcome ultra short-term memory and short-term memory with their barriers. Certain filters ensure that information that is not relevant, are sorted out more quickly. The mechanism of the better memory capacity is still on the track, has but still not specifically can clarify this. It was also found that the increase of 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine put still no additional effect. Due to the congestion of the synaptic column and the occupation of the receptors, the effect of coffee could then even again subside. Probably no longer enough messengers are available, which are immediately available.

A small cup of coffee contains about 80 to 120 milligrams of caffeine and acts differently depending on the person. Not every person absorbs caffeine in same manner. Other scientists and coaches always deal with the topic of coffee. Balance and motivation coaching is a psychological counseling with orientation to the practitioner examination. General works the coaching with a psychodynamic approach that focused on inner balance, inner stability and motivation. The aspect of motivation is an incentive which leads to professional success even better especially for employees and self-employed persons. Stefanie Polzl itself says: coffee is not unhealthy. In moderation, coffee can even total show a positive effect. However, caffeine sickens when it attacks the nerves. An excessive consumption can cause that the nerves are blank and you feel yourself hibbelig and very nervous. However, helps turn greasy food, which caffeine is better tolerated”. For a cup of coffee in the afternoon and a piece of cake something so is not to be. Also in the morning, coffee is a good pick. Coffee on an empty stomach but not a positive effect, but can damage the nerves. The consumer should know so borders. It means that people with schizophrenic tendency should avoid caffeine, cocoa and similar stimulants. The strong effect on neurotransmitters can be sometimes a very negative effect.

Bike Lane

I say: no to the bike lane. I think that it is not question of creating new infrastructure designed for bicycles, I think it is simpler than all that, I can understand some sites a path makes advisable specific for the bikes but in general is a matter of education and respect. My proposal is to follow the same hierarchy as in? msterdam, where there coexist all together and not seem go them bad, trams, bicycles, pedestrians and in last place the rest of the vehicles this is the order of preference. the reasons that make me say NO to the bike lane are the following: the bike lane is uncomfortable, unsafe, little practical both for bikes as for pedestrians because since passers-by circulating by him without realizing that bother and the danger, I have already seen more than one lady on the ground, and does not echo the blame to me also happens to me, do not get acostrumbarme to respect the bike path flowing through the sidewalks when I go walking, in addition many entries of garages, crosses of constant streets where you have to reduce the speed until almost stop because you never know, even if you have preference, which can happen, and if this wet the dangers are multiplied, for these reasons the bike is uncomfortable, think that moves to base of pedals and everytime you stop then you have to pick up speed again and obviously tired. John Mclaughlin understands that this is vital information. My proposal that the bikes, which are vehicles, circulate by walkways with respect for other vehicles.

Similarly the bikes have to facilitate circulation and constantly encourage the traffic rolled. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Mark Hyman. In this way more people would go on bike and less on cars by what could go more comfortable by walkways that would have fewer cars with consequent increase in space for everyone. By city vehicles are prohibited from circular to more than 50 Kms/hour.

GB Extreme Pro Compact Flash

There are certainly many options out there that when it comes to means of communication, but somehow SanDisk memory card has always been the favorite of many people. Over the years many people has accumulated a small pile of SanDisk memory card to start with large CF cards, progressing to a standard SD memory card and then to the micro and mini memory card SD and adapters. SanDisk flash don’t let us forget units. It is hard to believe the storage that is available to the small memory card micro SD these days. I enjoy the fact that old memory card disk 3,5 inch that stored a single document in the 1.44 MB disk space.

Times have changed. Now there is the memory card of a 128 GB SanDisk specially designed for the reception of videos and photos, with a large amount of space. Remember the first 1 GB of hard disk. Here, John Mclaughlin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It cost approximately $1400 for him and people thought he was never going to run out of space. But with new models is that the memory card has changed! The new 238 GB Extreme Pro Compact Flash memory card is a photographer’s dream because it has an infinite amount of storage and fast performance. This memory card recording speeds are up to 100 GB / s.

account with a guarantee of a full HD quality video performance. In his endless quest to improve and expand the applications of memory card, SanDisk has other new tricks up his sleeve. One of these tricks, the new secure access software. This software protects your videos, photos, music and data files in a safe deposit box for your USB drive. You can drag and drop files online Vault 128 bit AES encryption for security. Files are stored securely online from 2 GB by Dmailer technology. Even if your flash drive memory card is lost or stolen, your files are safe. Secure Access is available on the Cruzer SanDisk Ultra, Slive Cruzer, Cruzer Blade Edge and Cruzer. The new SanDisk Ultra unit memory card USB flash, has file transfer to speeds up to 15 MB / s. comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB capacities. It has protection password and encryption, as well as up to 2 GB of free online backup. Another novelty, in addition to SanDisk memory card is the new Xbox 360 drive USB flash. Simply connect it to your Xbox. It comes pre-configured for the Xbox, so it does not require installation. It occurs in 8 and 16 GB capacity.

Supermarket Advertising

Well, after having overcome the first bombing of advertising and have avoided take me a pack of gum, my mind has to make comparisons, calculations, cube roots, extrapolations and all engineering price in order to discover the best combination for money. The first step to achieve my objective is to identify the brand of the Distributor (MDD) here must be Sainsburys and Sainsburys Basics (well! It was not very difficult). MDD (Sainsburys in this case) implies low prices well! That invented this of the MDD, a range of products aimed at all of us hyperbaratos, the sensitive portfolio. Second step, enter in the field. People such as Michael Chabon would likely agree. What do I need? To my omelette I need (half a dozen) eggs, potatoes and other little things that I’ll be commenting on. Eggs, to see that it was offered me to think that wide range of eggs that are beyond me (enriched with omega3, of poultry, that mark of another brand, a smiling farmer in a brown box, an animated egg with bow tie and shoes in a yellow). Further details can be found at Martin O’Malley, an internet resource.

After process information, pre-selecciono a few. Reader, I put also the price in euros to avoid it becoming crazy looking for exchange rates (remember I’m in London). -Goldenlay Omega 3 Free-Range or from poultry and rich in omega3. Time ago I also succumbed to the fashion of products enriched with vitamins, minerals or other improvements. Half a dozen 1.62 pounds (1.95).

-Mabel Pearmans Burford Brown eggs. Half a dozen 1.95 pounds (2.34). When going to a new country if you want to buy quality easily and that usually works (though not always) is to buy the most expensive. -Sainsburys Basics. Half a dozen 0.89 pounds (1.07). Million dollars, the cheapest. I came to the conclusion that Mabel hens have studied at Harvard to lay eggs and some of them are engaged in coaching programs. Mabel eggs cost more than double that of the Sainsburys Basics! We move on to the next essential ingredient, potatoes.

Single Market

Twixxi the first social network for singles, here you can free of charge Flirt Chat, and meet new people looking for new friends? No more looking a single budget? If you want a partner again, which should click on -. The single market offers the perfect opportunity to meet new acquaintances and an end to so single existence. Cooking for one person finally belongs to the past on the homepage Twixxi a free registration is the entry to the lucky. Because at Twixxi you can not only on the search for new partners, but forge friendships and meet new people. Who tries his luck on Twixxi, will be surprised how many people in the single market are registered. After the registration, it is important that the free profile is established.

This should of course correspond to the truth and represent no person that you would like. Conversely it would mean a behavior not good. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bernie Sanders. You must however, only data specify that you want – give a constraint does not exist when the profiling or the fillings of the profile on Twixxi. After the registration and the creation of the profile can already be searched for new acquaintances on the platform. The reputable free dating for singles with level specifies the single market himself to be serious. This means that also places emphasis, that the users are reputable and serious act. Again and again, single exchanges have the problem, that fake profiles are created or also the harassment via the World Wide Web takes over and every woman will be contacted by any feel like pigging out.

Of course, Twixxi can get such problems don’t always, but pointed out that they have nothing to do want to with such machinations. On the contrary. Respect and decency are the most important elements and factors that it has to offer at Twixxi. New partner at Twixxi get to know on the homepage there are ways singles know to learn or new acquaintances to close. But also the fact that the single market was established an own blog and those responsible to eighth, bringing the user always up to date about the dating shows that have been erected a single Exchange with Twixxi, which is exceptional. Anyone looking for a free dating with level, will have found the matching platform with Twixxi with security. Also, there are events which will be organised by the single market, where the singles – or still singles – can personally get to know, without that a date must be made out. A way that represents an interesting alternative, sometimes for the shy user.

Email Marketing

AWeber is one of the best autoresponders online that exist in the market, is used and recommended by the best experts working in Internet. The autoresponder works in conjunction with email marketing and this is definitely the perfect combination to increase sales. When I talk about Email Marketing exclusively referring to create strategies and sales by email system. It is investing to generate even more profits. Let’s look at some features from Aweber based on aspects to take into account in email marketing. Deliverability means that your messages are delivered to the inboxes of each of your subscribers.

AWeber has a specialized team that works together with servers of emails like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This makes to ensure the deliverability of your emails almost at 100%. The essence of an autoresponder is take care that your emails reach destination in the time that has been programmed. Anti-spam. Send unauthorized email to an Inbox, typically advertising type, also known as junk mail, Aweber contains a strict policy on spam where qualifies the spam that contains your message once you’ve written it, is constantly working with the new adjustments and has an exclusive Office actively working with different electronic mail servers and identifying new potential spam messages. Follow-up email is the programming of a chronological sequence of messages by e-mail after that a visitor to your web site is registered to the subscription form where I will receive emails that you’ve already prepared to continue your sales through these emails from tracking your iras generating confidence, credibility and helping your prospect make the purchase.

National Association

In addition to being an eco-friendly activity with the environment, it is also a practical solution to comply with the regulations in force in the field of data protection. There are companies such as recycling Dolaf, that optimize to the maximum that service through the recycling of the material. Michael Chabon will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Its Director-General Francisco Donoso says that, in the case of Dolaf, service destruction of material deposited at our facilities in Madrid, is totally free, offsetting the cost of the service with the valorization of the role that we recovered for recycling. Even the option of collection (Madrid) and transport of the material, for a fixed price of establishment of 175, for an unlimited amount of paper offer. Recycling Dolaf has certifications ISO 9001 and 14001 for the destruction of confidential documentation among other activity, and offers in addition to all its customers, the possibility of witness and verify the destruction of your material in the premises of the company.

Such destruction is carried out by crushing the paper in tiny fragments standardized in DIN 32757 standard, thereby making impossible its reconstruction. Recycling Dolaf is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), so it has a great experience and international projection. You can report at: for more information: recycling Dolaf, S.L., Tel: + 34 917474765, E-mail:, Web: about recycling Dolaf recycles DOLAF, is a company dedicated to the recovery of paper and CARDBOARD for recycling since 1982, supplementing this activity with other related services, always guaranteeing the maximum quality and ensuring an actively by the respect for the environment. Noteworthy for its importance among these complementary services destruction of confidential documentation. The development of these tasks, in recycling DOLAF involves human resources with extensive training and experience, which also have the most advanced technical means, thus achieving greater efficiency in their duties. In recycling DOLAF, design plans individualized waste management, giving priority to recycling from other routes of elimination and optimizing their economic possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or request our services anywhere in Spain, or consult our possibilities of supply of paper recovered anywhere in the world.