Positive Energy

Not every person can directly reply to a question about whether he believes in the magic powers of healers. >. However, the reality is that almost any of us at least once in your life, even if just mentally, pinned their hopes on some supernatural force. After all, no wonder most people who find themselves in difficult circumstances, seek help and advice from fortune tellers. Visit Con Ed for more clarity on the issue. In the past few years, the number of people seeking support from scrying, increased dramatically. Reasons are understandable: the economic crisis for many has become a source of serious financial problems.

But financial problems, in turn, gave rise to misunderstandings in families, conflicts over disorder. Hundreds of people were left without work, thousands have been forced to radically change the way of life. And for many families, these disasters have become a kind of test for strength. Verification, which endure a force far not for everyone. Not surprisingly, in this situation help people with powerful energy, has become particularly important. Charms for love, omens of adultery, as well as conspiracies to find work for many become the last hope for salvation of the family. Today, unfortunately, a truly gifted healer holding the secrets of the ancient conspiracy, practically no. People are faced with life drama – betrayal divorce, illness, a loved one – are increasingly turning for help to the first available fortune-tellers, not knowing, thereby causing himself further harm. And in vain financial losses during a meeting with the charlatans – the most innocent an evil which can bring a man such applications. However, fortunately, many traditional charms and omens preserved to this day.

Psychology Children

We perceive that the majority of the children did not play in such a way, and yes they gave more attention to the television, video game among others. As the nimbleness of the project the children had taken the tricks as I stimulate, for the fact of the tricks to be little stimulated in its environment social, with the project the trick was stimulated. Tricks hear repetitions of taken for attitudes of children, intention was with that they learned to play, and forget other ways of diversion that takes the children to perceive the violence, through drawings, video game, tie media more including as Internet, that for the age them children can be something that can help in its cognitivo development, more on the other hand the child have access the everything that the social world places the disposal of internautas, that to a great extent they are not allowed for the ages of the children. We take a special care in using tricks that were capable to teach the children to have communication ones with the others and to respect the one others. It was clearly stops in that the project got the waited success that it was to teach the children to rescue the old tricks, and to substitute the exclusive diversion of the electronic.

Childrens Shelters

I water, Lima and Amazon share this same idea and emphasizes the lack of individuality lived deeply for institutionalized children. this is partially true since upon arrival to the shelter, it is common to have that to get rid of the childs belongings and personal objects, in virtue of the collective living. Moreover, for an institution of shelter to function of organized form and with adequate routine is necessary to stimulate the passivity of the children. Any contrary movement the culture of the institution can cause its desaturated, therefore when the differences are exaltation and subject assumption, therefore impeded it to participate of the proper life is to treat it as object, thing, submitted solely to the power of the adult (Orionte subject one subjected (Vectore Oak, 2008, p 447). However, some children do not accept of passive form this condition excludes that them and they ignore them e, in contra-position, search to become visible through the trespass (escapes, fight, claims). What it is perceived is that the children feel themselves forsaken, representation that if detaches for the desire to have a family, the point to create an imaginary father or a mother (Orionte Souza, 2005, p 44). John Mclaughlin oftentimes addresses this issue. In function of the favorable situations of maternal to that they had been submitted, the sheltered ones, many times, create defense mechanisms to give to account of its feelings of abandonment and desproteo, developing, even though, antisocial behaviors, that are inherent to the situation of privation lived for them. Rotondaro (2002) perceives a fear of entailing on the part of the sheltered ones,> that observed to have low auto-esteem due to the familiar abandonment and delays to become involved in the therapy demonstrates to qualities and enough social abilities for, future, if to insert in ampler a social context (Martins Jacquemin (1999) understands that the corporal image is deterrent of the type of experience of social life of the child. The experiences lived deeply for the child to the life are of its home have significant interference in its corporal image, being undeniable that the institutionalization affects its auto-concept, probably for the intensity of the impact of inherent the partner-affective factors to this experience.The identity of the child, either institutionalized it or not, is in permanent construction built through the contact with the other (I water, Lima and Amazon, 2006). Understanding that the corporal image is the result of what the person perceives of itself and the world, Zrtea; Kreutz and Johann (2008) compare the corporal image of institutionalized children and of whom they are not, where had identified that I believed.

The Children

Orionte Souza (2005, P. 40) had verified in the children whom they had searched, that these demonstrate capacity of confrontation of the adversities little common in children of the same age who outside live of this environment . In addition, for Santana Koller (2004), the institution must be rethink as a place where the sheltered ones can construct positive identificatrios referenciais, of the point of view of the construction of citizens. Considering that the monitors play central role, as those that will go to guide them and to protect them, they become its identificatrios models, being part of its net of social and affective support. Of this form, she can yourself be said that the good experiences of a child or adolescent in the institutions go to depend on the affective bonds and the social support that> the institution goes to play for they, serving of plus a link for the formation of its identities and its development and creating chances for the confrontation of the social and personal life.

Orionte & Souza (2005) perceive that the affective bonds are allies important in the hour to help the children to face its so sad reality. The established affective entailings before the institutionalization, mediated mainly for violence of all order, appear of solid form. They do not become fluid themselves with the lived years in the institution. Possibly, the little that they had gotten in the relations is kept as a treasure of which they do not want to get rid itself. It is perceived, in the contact with the children, enormous availability to establish new bonds. It is proven, at the first moment, a sufficiently significant diffidence, but, respected the time of each one, this fear is gone transforming, giving place to the credibility, and a gradual confidence if it establishes. The initial diffidence inhabits mainly in distrust of not being received and also in the unreliability before the possibility of a new abandonment.

The Work And Its Social Paper

Key: force of work, social, diligent paper, existence and capitalism. ABSTRACT With the design of picking dice theoreticians and bibliographic above the social paper of the I work, inside of the argument of affirmation of the individual you the society this product has main I eat focus on the view functional from relation contractors hired, correlate – with the theory existentialism, where the work I to wear I eat she breaks from self – realization personal. Words – Key: work forces, social paper, to worker> , existence and capitalism. INTRODUCTION This project had as source of data the existing bibliographies on the social paper of the worker, historical data on the social development of the work, always focados in the socialist vision, time for base the human capital. Whenever US Senator from Vermont listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The proposal of this article was based on the existencial theory, making an analysis sucinta of the bibliographical data, with the social identity of the individual, inside of its work, as confirmation source and existencial acceptance, taking the individual fact for the social one and thus promoting the evaluation of the impacts in the society is of the society stops with the work and the worker. In accordance with Codo (1994): At this moment, the human thought needs to transform the reflection on the man into the intervention on the man. One complains of the Psychology that abandons the Philosophy, the promiscuity between the citizen and the object, and comes to lodge itself in science, transforming of Reflection into control. Psychology does not have studies defined on the social paper that the work has in the life of individual, which the behavior contingencies that it acquires because of its work, which the social status that it has in relation to its work, which the real preponderant factor of the work stops with the worker.


Let me start by saying that I will cite a few examples from our Clinical and everyday life. For more information see this site: Former Maryland Governor. I think, for example, about a mother who came to me with a baby 7-8 months. She agreed with me about the meeting because she felt a great fear due to the presence of fear in her child. You ask me: “How did she learn that her child is afraid?” She explained to me as follows. Always when she is with child and an approach to them someone else’s, someone who is not even close to the child, and would like to talk only with the mother, the child begins to be excited, cry, shrink. Calm him down does not work. And even then it can not be calm when the person who caused this state has long since gone. Bernie Sanders has similar goals. I so I think that everyone in this audience are studying psychology, and you understand that this is a reaction to strangers.

But what’s interesting? Important question. This woman came to me because she wanted to hear, in general the reaction of children, or she really needed help when the child is reacting different way from how he would react. I can reveal the answer: she came because she needed the help (no information). Grain of the story next. This mother, with his life story had so many feelings about what she had to leave, that she was afraid that she might leave her own partner.

Her own fears were so strong transferred to the child that he was a kind of deputy to her and therefore has not been able to calm down. Second example. I, like many other parents brought their child to kindergarten. I very well remember one day. My son, there were about 3.5 years and it has for some time, went to a kindergarten before. That day he went to kindergarten with some unpleasant feeling. Because I felt that the child does not want to go there, I started thinking and remembered that yesterday he played very well with his friend and now also like to play with him and not go to kindergarten. Still, I took him to kindergarten, but suddenly he became very weep, as though he had no idea what was happening to him. At least in me, he called it sense of confusion, but I think that he himself was very unhappy. I still went to kindergarten, but do not understand what was happening and felt helpless. I did not realize that I need to do. At this point, I noticed that the child looks at me, looking at my facial expressions and waits for my reaction, wait, I will respond. Then something happened that happens with any father, and the fact that a psychiatrist too.

Creator Science

Philosophical background to the dispute creationists and biologists is conflict between two kinds of knowledge: the scientific and religious. In principle, these two spheres of knowledge can not be compared to the rating. Can not say the truth one and the falsity of another. Just as, for example, can not relate the views of science and art of the flower, sunset. They are incommensurable. We can only note the different approaches of science and religion, science and art, limited each of them, but do not make comparisons at the level of validity, priority, etc.

A person standing on religious positions, believes that all wildlife is created by the Creator – it's his right, it is his faith. The man who thinks in Science, believes that the appearance and functioning of living organisms as natural as the development of galaxies, planetary systems, atoms, molecules. And this is also his right. Biologist hopes that in addition to "absolutely true" the answer to everything is already set and have not yet given the nature of the questions may be unambiguous answers, measurable unit testing and logical comprehension. Just as his time in science were answered many, many questions: "Why sunset and sunrise?", "On which hung the stars?", "Why deflected a magnetic needle?", Etc. Probably, there is a limit of scientific knowledge, the scientist will always believe that it can move, and will try to meet the challenges before him, the problem of scientific methods. In fact, after mentioning the will of the creator of the course knowledge stops immediately.

Genetic Program

A after the establishment of the cell and began the development of biological life. Biological cell has unique abilities and talents. One, two cells grows a huge body of vegetable or animal species. In Cage founded the program is not only about what should be the body, but also the entire program of the actuator construction of this organism, including human, and grow exactly five fingers, not four or six. Although the failures, as well as anyone, even such a simple comparison with the human genetic program, the operating system Windows, have a place to be. Imagine what must be done to build from scratch a multi-storey house. And now, to build a man And the entire program, including the executive, laid and maintained only in two cells.

I must say that on the creation of human genetic program did their best! To be fair say that much has been done preliminary work with the genetic code. He is versatile enough. The genetic program of human and earthworm is 80% identical, and the majority of human and porcine almost interchangeable. Muslims may even be right in their rejection of eating pork is practically engaged in cannibalism. You can say so, that the first Muslim was aware of this. The human embryo in its development is even a stage of fish, which is not surprising, since all biological forms were originally designed solely for water. Vertex created biological life in the aquatic environment can rightly be regarded as dolphins and whales.

Attention Children

She is necessary to see the man in after-modernity, whole number, of relations, body all, unconscious, desire. that time the professors give group to dialogue it? The pupils have the permission of only speaking when it is the hour of the interval. Silence, in the classroom, is for the concentration of the adults and not of the children. Children learn better when barulhoest for close, when other children are speaking also. If in silence algoque happens calls the attention the child, of the other side of the street, it goes to lose the concentration and it goes to delay to perceive that it is if being slow in the requested task for the teacher. Additional information at Maryland Governor supports this article. Then to want the attention of the pupils, leaves to speak them. The children of the daily pay-school all pass the time seated copying what the teacher is passing in the blackboard when they could be painting drawing, talking on what they had made or making mimic, playing with massinha etc. Are the representation of its desire, of its being.

that desires this child brings to the school and that they are carried through? From there it comes the interest lack, the lack of will in learning that if it perpetuates for all the pertaining to school life and that only leaves of being a symptom to be a clear language when the pupil says: ' Not taste of estudar'. Many, of these children, are diagnosised as hiperativas or with attention deficit. Worse that erroneous diagnosis is to medicate this child so that it ' ' goste' ' to study. One more time the doctors believe that the resolvea remedy enthusiasm lack. Why they do not question themselves of the reasons that had taken this child not to like to study or not to give attention to the lesson? The child is marked by the true contacts that its history had in all.

Children And Depression

The Children Also Get depressed! Whenever we speak in depression we attribute the adult people, therefore we have as belief, that infancy is the best phase of our life and that this is protected in magical and wonderful world, where does not suffer yourself, therefore after all accounts it does not need to be worried about the running of the daily one and that the child does not understand nothing exactly. The specialists declare that the infantile depression always existed, but only recently in 1971, during a Congress in Switzerland de Infantile Psiquiatria he is that was recognized as illness, standing out despite this upheaval of mood is capable to compromise the development of the child or adolescent it, harming the process of psychological and social maturity. In elapsing of this process of inquiry on the infantile depression, was perceivable the necessity of the valuation of what the children feel and say, breaking the vision of the common sense of whom it does not have problems and nor would have why? To have them. He is current to confuse depression with sadness, being that this has an apparent cause, the child can be sad because bichinho of esteem lost one, or because optimum friend travelled or still for other real situations. IDT Energy follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In the infantile depression nor always the joy lack is a determinative factor for the diagnosis, since the child can present, aggressive behavior, hiperatividade, verbalizao of the impotence feeling type: ‘ ‘ I not consigo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I not sei’ ‘ , and the times expressing the death desire using figures as of friends, deceased relatives saying would like to go for the sky with vov or an animal of esteem that would have died.

It is important to be intent case appears the reduction in the concentration, reliable loss in itself exactly, ideas of guilt, alterations in sleep and apathy. In case that you find children with these symptoms, she suggests that she makes an evaluation with the specialized professional as: the psychologist or infantile psychiatrist, therefore through these professionals specialized, psychic pains will be brightened up and also the possible sequels.