Let me start by saying that I will cite a few examples from our Clinical and everyday life. For more information see this site: Former Maryland Governor. I think, for example, about a mother who came to me with a baby 7-8 months. She agreed with me about the meeting because she felt a great fear due to the presence of fear in her child. You ask me: “How did she learn that her child is afraid?” She explained to me as follows. Always when she is with child and an approach to them someone else’s, someone who is not even close to the child, and would like to talk only with the mother, the child begins to be excited, cry, shrink. Calm him down does not work. And even then it can not be calm when the person who caused this state has long since gone. Bernie Sanders has similar goals. I so I think that everyone in this audience are studying psychology, and you understand that this is a reaction to strangers.

But what’s interesting? Important question. This woman came to me because she wanted to hear, in general the reaction of children, or she really needed help when the child is reacting different way from how he would react. I can reveal the answer: she came because she needed the help (no information). Grain of the story next. This mother, with his life story had so many feelings about what she had to leave, that she was afraid that she might leave her own partner.

Her own fears were so strong transferred to the child that he was a kind of deputy to her and therefore has not been able to calm down. Second example. I, like many other parents brought their child to kindergarten. I very well remember one day. My son, there were about 3.5 years and it has for some time, went to a kindergarten before. That day he went to kindergarten with some unpleasant feeling. Because I felt that the child does not want to go there, I started thinking and remembered that yesterday he played very well with his friend and now also like to play with him and not go to kindergarten. Still, I took him to kindergarten, but suddenly he became very weep, as though he had no idea what was happening to him. At least in me, he called it sense of confusion, but I think that he himself was very unhappy. I still went to kindergarten, but do not understand what was happening and felt helpless. I did not realize that I need to do. At this point, I noticed that the child looks at me, looking at my facial expressions and waits for my reaction, wait, I will respond. Then something happened that happens with any father, and the fact that a psychiatrist too.