Parenting Children

Learning about the world we live in is many-sided and generally normative study in the school curriculum, more questions remain than answers. Also, the learning process in schools and other educational institutions, he is the target knowledge of individual disciplines, but it does little for the self-awareness in the world. A profession – it is something that is necessary, but not enough for human development as a harmonious personality. Child, regardless of whom work parents, he was a child absorbs the atmosphere of home decor. If parents quarrel often kofliktuyut – then it can not positively affect the child. Harmony of the family depends on many factors, moral value if they attach importance to parents, they instill these values the child, if these values have no parents – the child is not the correct settings in dopoluchaet prioretetah in life. Cuffs and belt as they may not be be an attribute of upbringing – is violence and as a consequence – the breakdown of the child, and the distance between otchyuzhdennost child and parent.

Children's impressions of these actions do not disappear with time, they are deeply in the backyard osidayut subconscious. Education must begin with parents. The correct form of knowledge understanding of the nature of things. School NEORA examines not only education, but the diversity of human existence. Generation of knowledgeable and harmonious people will be able to give to society a new young generation of human values, which have a lot to do that, not only in education but in all activities of society. For these and other questions you can to get answers on the site. SCHOOL NEORA

Raising Children Well

Who do you see? That little Sasha and Lena, of a harmless, defenseless child, who did not want to do anything wrong, just learn. You'll see how he (she) is, omitting his little head as tears to the eyes shall be punished, and this evil parent scolds, and not even beat this little creature. And seeing the picture you would not want to ever hurt her child. But it will take time … and you forget about this. John Mclaughlin oftentimes addresses this issue. Did someone want that to his child like this in the shower and was crying? That's from the same place where the little kid comes to us intuition. She lives in our subconscious. Sometimes it helps us, sometimes a hindrance.

But ideally it can be controlled. After our experiment with a little resentful little man who lives in you, try to talk to him. Explain to him why his narugali, explain to him that he is loved. Many writers such as Bernie Sanders offer more in-depth analysis. And always be loved. How would it not was a paradox, but need to talk to him like a child, even if you are 86 years old.

And he will leave. Dissolve in the boundless subconscious, and you will only have a stone that fell from your soul. Add to your understanding with John Mclaughlin. But, if you will try to soothe your inner child at the cost of opposing actions with your real baby, you can still get a lot of hard feelings and misunderstandings. What was once – that hurt you, it's yours. And your child is a different person. And in order that he grew up happy and successful it must be love. Love him unconditionally. Sometimes your intuition will tell you that for the broken vase to flog him, and you look into the eyes of your daze, and make out there a sense of fear and guilt. Maybe you and he did do not tell, but rest, rest assured all the children's actions are made without malice. This is what we teach them to do evil, lying, and do not listen to us. Initially, the child does not want to cause you discomfort, it just grows and learns. And each is makes its own way. And your intuition, whether it is always your friend will call you a child when he was ill. Even if you have between 10,000 kilometers. How does this happen? Nobody knows. But if you want that intuition, called your child when you badly, from the emergence of thoughts of the birth of a baby LOVE YOUR CHILD, and only then will you all be happy. Good luck!

Special Needs Children

Have you ever wondered why mothers of children with disabilities are chosen? In some ways I see God hovering over earth selecting his instruments for propagation with great care and deliberation. While looking instructs his angels to take note of a giant ledger, and begins the daily task of assignment: – Give a child Martha Gonzalez and Mateo patron. Margarita Rojas a daughter and Patron Saint Cecilia, A Perez Roiz twins and patron saint … Gary Dale, he used to protect them. Finally. He adopted the name and smiles saying, “Give Lorena a child with special needs. The angel shows curious question: – Why is my God? She is so happy! exactly, God smiles, – Could you give me a special child to a mother who can not laugh? “But she will she suffer?” Asked the angel.

“I do not want her to suffer much, nor does it sink in an ocean of despair and self pity. Once the shock and resentment happen, accept it and know to handle the situation. I watched today, and has a sense of benefit and independence that is rare, but necessary in a mother. The son I’ll give you your own world and she has to make him live in that world of her, and that’s not going to be easy. “But God,” continued the angel, I think that’s why she will not follow you in mind. Then God smiled and said: “Never mind, I can fix that. This case is perfect, as she has just enough self-esteem.

The angel was astounded: – self-esteem? but … Is that a virtue? God nodded and replied, “Yes, she does not know yet, but will be envied. Never take for granted a spoken word. Never considered a wrong step taken when your child tells you mom for the first time you see a miracle, and will be present at the time when she describes a tree or a sunset, you see, as few people have seen my creations … God continued: “I will let you see clearly the things I see: ignorance, cruelty, prejudices … Never be alone and I’ll be at her side every minute of the day and your life, because it is my job as safe as it will be here by my side. – Who is your patron saint then? – Asked the angel, and God smiled: A mirror will suffice! .

Complex Mothering

In your womb I had (gone), the love of an Indian tradition and you you were the wife of the man who represented a multitude of nations. Was between two intersections, including two women who gave me life, but I felt that I loved them both equally, because I loved too much. Although only in those few opportunities could feel the love and resignation for me. How not to remember my brother. It ran from me. At that time there is a huge difference, because my clothes denoting a standard of living and status, my mother and my brother does not bore. MY mother was very proud with his gaze in front of my grandmother.

That woman who remove their first child to raise as tradition dictated what the ancestors of our nations. But in his eyes betrayed the hope of seeing me after not having been in almost all these 12 years I lived with my grandmother as her son. Although there was chasing my brother to meet him, I felt at that moment I was not alone, I had the opportunity to share. This happiness I only lasted a few more than two months, I would know when my grandmother came from school to school rush. I did not understand why she came, never used to, because my godfather and godmother were always cared for my performance at school and my training. Until then I had dreamed of having my brother in the house, I knew my mother could not, for he was already married to another man, having mourned my father about five years as mandated by the tradition of our peoples. Believing that he had kept the memory of my father, decided to rebuild their lives safely, where that commitment I have two brothers. But they do not keep hardly any feeling, perhaps for what his father represented for my life.

Then my grandmother told me straight: I asked permission from school. I replied: For Mother?. She replied: Your mother is dead. At that moment the world collapsed in my fantasies had built. It only remains to me the taste of his eyes, the warmth of her hands on my teenage face, which I so rarely prodigal. I’m sorry and I always have felt many times in the solitude of my affliction and still more hoarse voice saying Johnny who sowed in me the purest feelings to his memory. But to hear the manner and circumstances of his death the hatred of the man who was his second commitment, was the hatred that fueled my whole life, since I take my mother. With us also saw when I was already father and I felt sorry for the storm of his soul where he lived. I learned to forgive even though he was the cause of her death.

Vaccinating Kids

Be vaccinated children are not required, thus we are protecting your baby from possible threat of infection. But to be vaccinated so that the child was ready for it. Here are some basic rules for the child (and if it is on Breast then feeding and mother). In this article we give the necessary advice that everyone should know their parents and prederzhivatsya. Adhering to these tips can not only help your child through vaccination but also to remove immotsionalny stressful after a hike in the vaccination study.

And you will be able to avoid the problems that arise simply from not knowing raditeley first and is the main rule for any vaccinations providence your child should be perfectly healthy, even if you have the slightest doubt as to the health of your child, he sneezes, lethargic, cranky, does not behave as you would a vaccine should be deferred. All of the above symptoms may indicate that your child is at an early stage of disease, and being vaccinated at this point, you just do harm to your daze. Since making the vaccine for a weakened organism, we contribute to the development of disease and poor well-being. And so we found that for Providence vaccinations your child needs to be completely healthy, and come in a good mood. Also, I advise you to pass before the first DTP common blood and urine tests, be sure to go to neurologist and get his agreement to Providence vaccination. during the vaccination does not advise you to change the usual scheme of power. We must try to catch vaccinated when your baby is awake. After inoculation ask questions regarding vaccination, which give antipyretics, if the temperature rises? Providence After vaccination, even in well-being of the child, he needs special attention, as the child's condition can rapidly deteriorate. You can learn more by clicking the link can be kotoroya raspolozhina below

Childrens Picture

How to understand what is actually happening in the mind of the child, what his secret desires, fears and dreams? How comfortable it at home? Encourage your child crayons and an album, and ask him to draw your family. Assure you that the correct reading, children's pictures will be a real mirrored the inner world of interpersonal relationships and the baby. It is very important that the child sat at the drawing in a calm, peaceful state, with good mood, otherwise there is a risk that it will draw their immediate emotions. Most of the information you get if you watch the process, and sometimes ask the child to comment on narisovannoe.Kogo and paints as a child Thus, the child is accepted for the drawing. The first bell – that's how he has to his list. The vertical position of the sheet suggests a complicated, somewhat selfish character of the child. If a child is all right with self-esteem, the first in the center of the sheet, he will represent himself. On the domestic positive perception of their own "I" shows a clear line, a smile on his face, the various colors of clothing.

Sometimes the child does not draw a own image ears – this indicates latent unwillingness to listen to what parents say. And if the kid shows a wrapped scarf with lots of pockets and pugovichek, it means he has a secret, which he do not want to talk to adults. If his figure is a big part of the list, ask yourself, did not whether your baby is too spoiled, if he has any respect for authority of adults. Next to a child first draws the member family, with whom he had the closest spiritual relationship. Typically, the image that people will hold hands, hug or. The higher the figure, as carefully traced the details, the brighter the colors, so respectively, above the feelings that baby to this man feels.