Childrens Picture

How to understand what is actually happening in the mind of the child, what his secret desires, fears and dreams? How comfortable it at home? Encourage your child crayons and an album, and ask him to draw your family. Assure you that the correct reading, children's pictures will be a real mirrored the inner world of interpersonal relationships and the baby. It is very important that the child sat at the drawing in a calm, peaceful state, with good mood, otherwise there is a risk that it will draw their immediate emotions. Most of the information you get if you watch the process, and sometimes ask the child to comment on narisovannoe.Kogo and paints as a child Thus, the child is accepted for the drawing. The first bell – that's how he has to his list. The vertical position of the sheet suggests a complicated, somewhat selfish character of the child. If a child is all right with self-esteem, the first in the center of the sheet, he will represent himself. On the domestic positive perception of their own "I" shows a clear line, a smile on his face, the various colors of clothing.

Sometimes the child does not draw a own image ears – this indicates latent unwillingness to listen to what parents say. And if the kid shows a wrapped scarf with lots of pockets and pugovichek, it means he has a secret, which he do not want to talk to adults. If his figure is a big part of the list, ask yourself, did not whether your baby is too spoiled, if he has any respect for authority of adults. Next to a child first draws the member family, with whom he had the closest spiritual relationship. Typically, the image that people will hold hands, hug or. The higher the figure, as carefully traced the details, the brighter the colors, so respectively, above the feelings that baby to this man feels.