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The label an effective carrier of information a look back: In the 18th century every bottle of wine had to be coated individually with wet glue to then push down the label on it, of course both time consuming and painstakingly by hand. Since then, the label developed into powerful and turns out to be a true all-rounder. Today provide innovative lettershops sure that labels can fully develop their varied talents: pinpoint angry they serve as effective carrier of information, for example about content, price, product features or corrections, but can also effectively provided with advertising messages and product logos. And so the show finds the direct way to the customers, labels as return address labels are indispensable with razor sharp font. Learn more at this site: Author. Labels with special touch contribute, decisively, that regular customers are using personalized direct mailings from customers, buyers present from potential buyers.

Important to know: lettershops contact for attaching labels usually two specialized procedure. On donation of self adhesive labels can be one the application of Cheshire labels with dispersion glue, on the other hand. The classic Cheshire label is recommended whenever catalogues, magazines or envelopes to be sent to hundreds, thousands, or even millions customers. The customer addresses in the laser procedure, which guarantees clarity and a clear picture of the font will be printed on. Usually label sizes used in this procedure of 1.5 or 2 inch height, where an inch 2.54 centimeters is equal to.

The melt is considered as an alternative to the dispersion glue, a cold glue in a water-based solution which hardens by drying or evaporation, bonding. This solvent-free adhesives or hot adhesives or hot-melt glue applied hot and liquid on the product, which make the connection when it cools. Advantage of the hot melt Adhesive: immediately after processing the adhesion can be tested, what circumstances to the May result in shorter production runs. Clear that the lettershop specialists always project based which insert best bonding process. Laminate magazines, B 4 mailers or other printed products that are too specific for a machine processing, require a specific solution: the self adhesive label. Advertisers are always well advised with him when it comes to special requirements for shipment of hand-assembled personalized mailings. Also this label sizes are available from 1.5 or 2 inch height to choose from, there are also DIN A6 or intermediate formats according to customer requirements possible. The fitting can be done mechanically or manually. Successfully letter shops acting on the market will find always a sophisticated, cost-effective solution removable for labels with strong performance – labels by permanently adhering to residue free “Service to measure” for the advertising success of their customers under the motto, in a variety of formats and colours.

ABB Signs

Labeling specialist PrintoLUX extends its signs portfolio to a standard cable shield made of polyamide in the production and printing of standard cable signs, which are multiple use in particular in the automotive industry, the use of metal signs is not always first choice. Since plastics such as nylon comply with the requirements of use as well, but are cheap to produce, PrintoLUX has now recorded this material in his program and thus triggered interest on the market. Enhanced user benefits: from 800 to 7,500 plates per day, the example of an industrial customer of PrintoLUX are plain to see how the combination of the PrintoLUX -Basic system and nylon in the manufacture of cable signs significant cost savings one can be achieved: the company could previously in-house using the technique of engraving on metal nearly 800 cable signs on the day of manufacture. With the acquisition of two PrintoLUX the company units and the use of polyamide produces 7,500 plates per day now at one the same personnel. Corporations such as Daimler, Audi or ABB or their suppliers, have recognized these benefits and have become users of PrintoLUX. To read more click here: Star Guitarist. Already switching from metal to polyamide with polyamide piece prices reduced although the maximum customer benefit through the easy to adjust inclusion of PrintoLUX systems in the production processes arises here, means a cost reduction in the production of standard cable signs: A standard cable plate 12 x 60 mm is not printed in the aluminium variant apiece 0.84 and printed on 1.04.

The corresponding unit prices are polyamide 0.56 and 0.75, while still considerably cheaper represent can these numbers according to the height. PrintoLUX has a system developed and applied for the patent, with the certified materials made of metal and plastic in the maximum sizes 300 mm x. 500 mm with a height of up to 140 mm can be printed digitally. The system is unique in the world and replaces the previous methods such as screen printing, engraving, lasers in many applications. The system is more flexible, faster and cheaper.

In April

The first and second construction phase of the designer outlet Berlin are connected by a square”, is an elliptical open space with seating, restaurant and landscaping, an ideal venue for open air events, the McArthurGlen designer outlets are already known. The designer outlet Berlin is located north of Potsdam, capital of Brandenburg situated just 30 minutes from Berlin City Centre. The Center is located at the intersection of B5 and A10, motorway junction to the Berliner ring. In April 2010, a new bus line 662 (Elstal Wustermark) was introduced, providing the customers a direct connection with the public transport from the Centre of Berlin in the designer outlet Berlin in less than 30 minutes. Almost six million people live within the 90 minutes arrival RADIUS to the outlet Center.

Berlin as a leading tourist attraction of in Germany attracts every year more than eight million visitors. The designer outlet Berlin is the first McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Village in Germany. A second opens 2012 in Neumunster in the vicinity of Hamburg. Meanwhile the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond in the Netherlands, which is part of the part of the European outlet mall Fund pulls, customers from the nearby North Rhine-Westphalia in his shops. The designer outlet Salzburg opened in September 2009, attracts visitors from the neighboring Bavaria. Henderson’s European outlet mall Fund is the direct owner of eight leading European outlet shopping centers in France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, as well as indirectly from three outlets in the UK through its UK outlet mall Fund. This results in a total portfolio valued at approximately EUR 1.1 billion. Ten of the eleven properties were acquired by McArthurGlen. Henderson, McArthurGlen and his management team are co-investors in two funds. European outlet mall Fund is currently actively investing in premium Designer Outlet Center in Germany and continental Europe to enlarge the portfolio of the Fund.

For Kornel

The superiority of VARISORT COMPACT compared to sliding systems with channels is is that the device is easy to clean and clogging by larger flakes are almost excluded. By the same author: John Mclaughlin. Even in irregular parts or materials with different coefficients of friction a targeted removal in free fall is the band feeder at the end of the band, where the material with the sensors is classified. After evaluating the relevant information, high speed valves with an appropriate time delay be enabled to the material discharge. By targeted air strikes, the particles to public are distracted by their ur original case parabola in a separate shaft. The VARISORT COMPACT sorting system compared to conventional tape sorting systems a compact design with small footprint characterized by. Retrofitted in existing equipment and the acquisition of existing slides devices is possible without any problems. The use of high resolution sensors and advanced signal analysis technology allows a high recognition accuracy and analysis of up to 500,000 parts per second.

During the inspection in free fall is a very precise blow-out operation possible at high reject rates. This is made possible by the large number of high speed valves, which can process up to 500 cycles per second. “For Kornel penitents, production manager at the Schweizer RecyPET AG, the decades-long cooperation with S + S proved: the reliability and maintainability of the S + S aggregates has, in conjunction with the performance in the separation of impurities especially difficult, convinced us.

Eastern Switzerland

It was a concern, to hand over our small families-AG in responsible hands. Now we are convinced that we were able to achieve even this target thanks to their help.” Planned currently wait more capacity for the Eastern Switzerland especially homeowners who want to equip your House with an environmentally friendly geothermal heat-pump, usually several months on the necessary Earth probe hole. Therefore the new owner plans to expand the existing offer of in the coming years Alpine drilling AG. The entrepreneur wants to respond to the high demand for Earth probe holes with the expansion of capacity and an increase in the number of employees. Rolf Walti looks ready for this challenge: to take the step towards independence, certainly requires Courage of portion of. As partners are needed however, that accompany the life cycle of a company.” Courage, willingness to take risks and faith were the drive springs of each entrepreneurship what Yes again to make the engine of any economy.

St. near in particular the cantons of this gall, the extra capacity to benefit future Zurich and Graubunden. Burn increasingly important future that WINS use of geothermal energy. In this promising industry the Alpine Bohr AG next to the Earth probe holes offers all directly related services: from planning and advice on obtaining the drilling permit, the construction site installation, fixing the hole and filling the Earth probe, up to the disposal of sewage sludge. Geothermal energy counts as a real alternative to fossil fuels and is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat the home or entire factories and provide them with warm water. Geothermal heat pumps-heating use roughly 75 percent of the domestic environment energy and reduce CO2 emissions alone in the Switzerland today to about 855 million pounds per year.

Frankfurt Internet

According to a report of the time, the Germans spend about 150 billion euros per year for food. And only 0.5 percent in Internet orders so far.

Last month, Amazon offered food in addition to CDs and books also. In Frankfurt and Berlin, the electronic shipping House provides later on the same day if the order is received until 11: 00. Also examines the world’s largest mail order company, currently the entry in the Internet sales, Otto. In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Hans-Otto Schrader, Chief Executive of Otto says: we do it only when we find a powerful dealer about which customers are then supplied. Especially if you want to also sell fresh products, you can not a central warehouse access”. The company in this test no longer with a central, but a decentral logistics would act differently than at the first attempt by about 10 years.

Almost every German food consumers reached the next grocery store in a few minutes. So why order? “Reasons for failure and success are the balance: A blog writer explains: particularly in the food shopping I want to see the things in front of me and me not to rely on product images”, another writes: of the yogurt to the preserve, I would almost all order. Shopping is for me”the worst killer of leisure at all. The online retailer Gourmondo reported in a press statement of positive results of the first year: the shipping of fresh premium meat proved already in the first year as very successful: nearly 4.3 ton delivered gourmondo.de using a special cooling package to its customers.

Collection: Collect Claims In Europe

The European Nations are so different, so different countries deal with defaulting debtors. What do consider debt collection companies to collect defaulting payments from Europe for local suppliers do not keep to it, the collectors collect draconian punishments, in Belgium for example up to 50,000 euro or one year professional ban. Since December 12, 2008, the European order for payment Regulation (EuMahnVO) entered into force in all EU Member States (except Denmark). It is based on Regulation (EC) No. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bernie Sanders offers on the topic.. 1896/2006 of 31 December 2006, which introduced a European order for payment procedure.

The advantage compared to the German Mahnverfahren: It an order for payment the Court is not more just requested and sent to the debtor before the writ follows. The European order for payment procedure is only single-level, a European order for payment (available in all European languages) immediately the competent judge in the respective country on the developed form A applied for. In contrast to the German Mahnverfahren decides not a Registrar, but when the European order for payment procedure always a judge, within 30 days. Contrary to the debtor within a period of two weeks, the title is enforceable. The disadvantage compared to the German order for payment is that you just must submit the underlying facts and the evidence in the application for a European order for payment.

This is not necessary with the German order. Assistance in filling out the application on adopting a European number command is for example the website of the Berlin Senate, in which the European order for payment Court in Germany is located. Which court has jurisdiction, can find out on the European side of the Internet. In the following the financial news service gives you GoMoPa.net to read a brief overview of selected characteristics of individual EU countries that underpins the Europe guide collection in detail and with the relevant statutory provisions are.

Partnership Counts

This integration is available immediately, the it users of browser-based DATEV platform companies online and the DATEV programs allows accounting exchanging electronically signed bills with the technology of ebills & more. The lawful method of the eBilling is available under the brand names of savings RechnungsService, VR-RechnungsService and ServiCon account portal. Together, they form a central middle-class platform for electronic invoice transactions, which is unique in this form currently on the market. Through the integration of our electronic RechnungsServices to the DATEV software is the entire process chain without media discontinuity shown on the booking invoice matching in the DATEV system and the open items until payment via online banking”, says Dipl.. Asmus hammer, Member of the Executive Board with ebills & more.

The principle: Instead of data from paper to tap off the invoice data directly incorporated into the used ERP system and edit workflow-controlled. By the qualified electronic signature verification and archiving, the receiver can pull as usual the input tax. If you are not convinced, visit Bernie Sanders. For the mailers, reduced the cost of printing and shipping, as well as the paper exit tray. Background supports in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their tax advisors, invoice traffic electronically and compliance with the law to settle the DATEV. DATEV eRechnung on the market brought the application and interface in XML format uses the DATEV ebills & more, to seamlessly integrate their technology. “The new, system-independent cooperation goes a step further: all users will benefit from this combination, because it is more or less no matter which man uses ERP or billing DATEV and the ebills & more RechnungsServices it just works”, Asmus hammer forward.

In addition, he calls “the extended financial overview: overlooking the already paid invoices, the DATEV allowed so far, also the current liabilities can be updated daily at your fingertips query.” This supports E.g. the day-to-day financial planning and controlling and complies to the request of the Executive Board.

Clean Power Cone Cleaning Device

Intelligent solution ensures in just a few seconds maximize productivity / downtime for manual cleaning of the tool taper are the continuous application of the optimal tool clamping is the past of one of the most important criteria in the smooth machining of workpieces in modern milling machines after changing the tool. Even when well shielded tool magazines and changers may occur repeatedly on the clamping cones to dirt – about shavings or coolant, are introduced from the editing room. Preemptively to counter such deposits on the tool cones, which offers T + S-Jakob GmbH & co. KG from Pfronten in Bavaria with its special equipment for tool taper cleaning a compact and economical automation solution for metal machining. Downtime with high-precision machining due a thing of the past by manual cleaning of the tool taper. For 40 years, one T + S-Jakob among the leading specialists when it comes to the construction, Manufacturing and installation of sophisticated machines such as about cutting tools for perfectly cut food packaging or tool changers and magazines for milling machines goes. In addition to manufacturing high-quality products, the company offers its customers an active and comprehensive service. No wonder, then, that international companies mainly from the packaging and the machine tool building – on the expertise of the technicians and engineers of Pfronten trust.

Today the cleaners provide already in several hundred milling tool taper T + s-Jacob for a substantial increase in productivity. While the workpiece machining remains constant at the highest quality level. Without regular cleaning, deposits on the tool cones can lead to concentricity errors of the tools. As a result, higher scrap rates for workpieces, a greater wear of tools and production downtime by manual cleaning operations threaten. The T + S device counteracts continuously and reliably the. The principle of intelligent design is simple: before entering the main spindle, the tool stops with his bowling on the cleaning unit.

SAP Basycs

The experts for holistic, SAP / IBM-based infrastructure solutions complement to the competencies of the Hamburg-based SAP specialists with a focus on development. Due to the experiences and exchanges with customers and prospects was the need of the offer of a SAP based optimization strongly offered as a logical complement to the HONICO portfolio, consisting of intelligent system management software in the area of SAP, now this is also appropriately qualified service covered with. The SAP is based on rotation and pivot for a high-performance and reliable operation of SAP systems, for a continuous optimisation of existing processes and increase productivity at the same time shrinking budgets. Click John Mclaughlin for additional related pages. To ensure this, much Know-How and the use is standardized procedures necessarily needed here basycs and HONICO offer a best practice package for the SAP base optimization, can be associated with your performance and processes quickly on track: analysis of the potential to optimize the performance, differentiated view of company-specific background processes in terms of critical processes, definition of all system-wide scenarios and creation of a concept for the optimized background processing in SAP operation included setting up of processes in the system with basycs now no problem. The result: more safety and better control over the processes, greater efficiency with maximum automation, significantly improved quality of batch processing and significantly reduced IT costs through optimum resource utilization. We are pleased to have found a neutral and strong partner who exactly takes care of the interests, wishing in addition customers and prospects of us basycs..