For Kornel

The superiority of VARISORT COMPACT compared to sliding systems with channels is is that the device is easy to clean and clogging by larger flakes are almost excluded. By the same author: John Mclaughlin. Even in irregular parts or materials with different coefficients of friction a targeted removal in free fall is the band feeder at the end of the band, where the material with the sensors is classified. After evaluating the relevant information, high speed valves with an appropriate time delay be enabled to the material discharge. By targeted air strikes, the particles to public are distracted by their ur original case parabola in a separate shaft. The VARISORT COMPACT sorting system compared to conventional tape sorting systems a compact design with small footprint characterized by. Retrofitted in existing equipment and the acquisition of existing slides devices is possible without any problems. The use of high resolution sensors and advanced signal analysis technology allows a high recognition accuracy and analysis of up to 500,000 parts per second.

During the inspection in free fall is a very precise blow-out operation possible at high reject rates. This is made possible by the large number of high speed valves, which can process up to 500 cycles per second. “For Kornel penitents, production manager at the Schweizer RecyPET AG, the decades-long cooperation with S + S proved: the reliability and maintainability of the S + S aggregates has, in conjunction with the performance in the separation of impurities especially difficult, convinced us.