Project Manager

Architecturally unique commercial real estate in the Nuremberg old town construction of SEBALD offices, one of the most extraordinary office buildings in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, is complete: outdoor, Park – and staircase, as well as the first two floors are completely done created and ready for occupancy. Client family Cullmann in Langenzenn sets a new milestone for high-quality commercial real estate in the Nuremberg old town with the building and thereby makes an important contribution to the expansion of the local rental supply. “The interest in the premises is great: currently we are with various interested parties in the conversation, there are but still many beautiful rooms – all with ample parking space in the hotel’s own underground car park”, explains Project Manager Andreas Brunner. It is important that the future tenant harmonize with each other and ideally also the Hochkaratigkeit of the building reflect us”. So the top offices are among others ideal for practices, Law firms or service providers while that when maximum separately or as a whole to rent to four – perfect retail space on the ground floor for providers of home accessories, jewelry, stationery, gift items, Deli or other lifestyle products. Interior decoration and square footage demand part of the rental space not designed interior architectural yet, because they should be cut to in terms of size and Interior inpiduell on the ideas of the future tenants. A total of 36 underground parking available, Office and retail space are 2,300 m2.

The first floor was covered recently by INTERHYP AG, the largest agent for private mortgage lending in Germany, comparing the offers of currently 300 lenders for its customers. About 15 employees are working at the site in Nuremberg. Kathrin Altmann, Director of Nuremberg’s INTERHYP branch are pleased about the catchment: we grow strong and needed new, larger premises. The Central location in Nuremberg’s old town and the generous, innovative architecture of Sebald offices have convinced us.

Business Project

The “Doing Business Project,” of the World Bank – IFC serves as a guideline for private investments and economic reforms. How “Doing Business” can practically be used? PART I – THE contents during political election campaings you can hear government officials proclaiming: “the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of our economy and are therefore promoted in every way.” Opposition parties often consider such statements quite different. The government had failed to introduce necessary reforms to facilitate the business operations of SMEs. If you ask individual entrepreneurs, then you usually hear harsh criticism: the taxes are much too high, building permits and the registration of firms take too long, the bureaucracy is on evil obstacle, and in the rest of: everything in other countries is much better. Yet a little over a decade ago none of these parties could prove their claims, because it what virtually impossible to objectively measure and compare internationally regulations that enhance or constrain doing business by SMEs. It what only in 2002 that World Bank experts have launched the “Doing Business Project”, which (as of 2012) defines today those institutions, objective measures of business promotion and competition rules and describes their implementation in 185 economies, selected cities on subnational and regional level.

Through the annual collection and analysis of data about comprehensive quantitative and qualitative indicators in the various economies and comparisons over longer periods, today measurable policies (“benchmarks”) for reforms are allocated, which change the governments of states to implement smarter and more efficient regulations for SMEs. These data thus serve the private sector, industry researchers and students as a valuable resource for their included tasks and pending decisions. The project will be continually supplemented and refined, based on interactivity with governments, academics, practitioners and reviewers with the aim to provide objective base for the understanding and the continuous improvement of legal and institutional frameworks for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Mobile Stands

Recently we went to a client who has been with us a year ago, but did not remember the address. As modern people, he decided to make an inquiry on the Internet. But how to name what does he want? Though he did not know, and not even very good imagine how it might look like. Our customer was the famous children's writer, and has participated in various launch events. Source: Michael Chabon. To participate in these events, he produced a beautiful poster, as he he calls the 'banner'.

Poster that he tried each time to attach to anything, and somehow (usually taped to the wall). Stick on an adhesive tape poster did not want. tv shoots, a poster falls – these worries have not up to the readers. As we have already guessed all experienced fighters advertising front, the writer needs a mobile booth, which he could secure his banner. However, he could not express in words the essence of his desire, and the Internet has not been able to it looking for pick up because I was searching for our children's writer and taped to the banner. Moreover, even in the print shop where he produced a wonderful poster, nobody could tell us a writer as zakrepitt and on what to keep this masterpiece of printing art. The case of the famous children's writer has once again demonstrated to us that the mobile exhibition stands are essential for any commercial and non-profit organization just do not still know that these wonderful designs exist. If you are also the first to ponder the fact that you need a big, beautiful poster and the design on which it can be fixed, come to our Showroom. We You can see different types of mobile exhibition stands and pick the one that is more convenient to use in your case.

Ivan Franko National Revival

Writing this article gave me great pleasure, because it goes just about clever, interesting and a great person, and my colleague. Ivan Yakovlevich Franco was not only a poet, novelist, playwright, translator, critic, literary historian, politician and public figure, but the editor, publisher and journalist. He was born August 27 1856. in the village Nahuyevychi (then the Austro-Hungarian Empire) in the family of a village blacksmith. Attended the village school, gymnasium Drohobych.

Already in the fifth grade school Franco began to collect its own library. Upon graduation, there were about 500 books, including collections of works of Homer, Socrates, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Scott, Goethe, Mickiewicz, Dumas, Heine, and many other classics. Frank continued education at the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Lvov. Exactly one year after the first collection of works by Ivan Yakovlevich was arrested. Over the next 12 years, he was arrested twice more. Because Franco was not just a writer. His goal was to create a Ukrainian political nation.

As he wrote to Ivan Yakovlevich, "I held various stages of development, worked very different job, he served various directions, and even nations, because it had to work a lot, but our Ukrainian, and Polish, German and Russian. But everywhere and always, I had one thought – to serve the interests of my people and the universal progressive, humane ideas. " Political views during the life of Frank changed from the youthful enthusiasm of socialism and federalism Drahomanov to conscious service to the idea of building the cathedral of the Ukrainian state. Ivan Yakovlevich was an active political and scientific activities. Together with M. Pavlik founded the journal "Public Friend". Worked extensively in the scientific community name Shevchenko headed his ethnographic Commission, edited "The ethnographic collection." He participated in the writing of the magazine "Literary and Scientific Bulletin." Not released a collection of works. But because of his political activities aimed at the independence of Ukraine, failed to get a scientific position at the Lviv University. And the elections for the appropriation of the title of academician Ivan Franko Petersburg's Academy of Sciences have been banned by the government Russian Empire. Over the years, took part in the elections to the Polish Sejm, but the administration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through fraud Franco did not allow the parliament. Continuous intellectual and artistic work Franco in various sorts and genres: poetry collections, novels, novellas, short stories, plays, translations, articles – have changed the face of Ukrainian culture, enriched and ennobled it. His contribution to the national revival in Ukraine is invaluable.

Claude Vicentino

It is important to detach that in all these volumes this inserted one as foreseen for a law the study of Africa and its society and culture, in as the book in it analyzes we can verify that this reserved a total of sixteen pages to all portray the subject on Africa and its representations. Exactly ahead d approval of the law Africa follows being mutilated for the lack of historiogrfica boarding more including than it can qualifying in them to launch a look for this gap left for the traditional historiografia. The writer Alfredo Boulos in its book History society and citizenship make reference to a small reference the Africans in Brazil and as these had resisted this domination and resistance, is clamorous as the lack of content on the thematic one of Africa is visible in the volumes in analyzes. In he analyzes of the third book written for Claude Vicentino the only citation to the subject in study is when the author makes a reference the allotment of Africa, exactly thus it obtains to place and to argue the subject in only two pages. He is by means of this panorama of our Brazilian historiografia how much to the boarding on Africa and its representations that Oliva (P.

423) writes: …? what we know on Africa? Perhaps the answers suffer some variations, in the density and the substance of content, depending for who or where the question is pronounced. I believe, however, that silence or the souvenirs and images marked for prejudiced esteretipos go to become common point in speak of that if to dare to try to formulate some reply. Therefore we can identify in the words of Oliva that the content lack has made it difficult as many professors as pupils in what it says respect to a more consistent knowledge on Africa and its representations.

Infantile Education

For the Psicopedagogia it is by means of the language that we learn, desevolvemo- in and we create our reality. It is in this way that the child assumes itself of the knowledge and its action. 5.1 The figure of the professor in the process of letramento In accordance with Seber (1997), the challenge of alfabetizar in school is to obtain that the children read and write of spontaneous form, creative, constructive and that they can be inserted in the universe of the written culture. Alfabetizar, in the Infantile Education, requires, before any thing, to provoke and to awake in the children the desire and the pleasure to read and to write, inserting them, of playful form, in the world of the reading and the writing. Frade (2003) considers that the alfabetizao is a social phenomenon, politician and description, involving the lingustica, the pedagogia, psychology and the anthropology.

According to Nunes and Bryant (1997), a person functionally is alfabetizada when she acquires knowledge and abilities in the reading and writing enable that it to effectively engage in all the activities in which the alfabetizao is normally supposed in its culture or group. Towers (2003) do not believe that let us can attribute to the school all responsibility to form the alfabetizado citizen whom if it needs: critical and versatile reader, creative and competent writer. The alfabetizadora task exceeds, and very, the school. To sound (2000) if it worries about the abrangncia that if has given to the alfabetizao, standing out the esquecimento of its especificidade. It warns that she is necessary to differentiate the process of acquisition of the language written and verbal of the process of development of the written language and verbal, this last permanent process that if of the one throughout the life and is not depleted with the learning of the reading and writing. To sound (2003) calls the attention for the last evaluation the national system of evaluation (Saeb), denouncing that, approximately 33% of the pupils with room years of escolaridade, are illiterate, that is, the child finishes 4 series it basic education without knowing to read and to write.

Leila Ribeiro Maria

I walked until it to receive the valuable gift. A glass cup of black small balls! It pulls life! I was for consoled house and I do not remember to have complained in public. In the other day well early, before going for the school, I spoke for my mother who wanted to take coffee in my new cup. I extended the cup and my mother came with the bottle with the coffee pelando and trec trec trec. The deep one of the cup did not resist the temperature of the coffee and fell to the soil, capsizing a thousand glass small pieces.

That needy hand of cow could have given to the least a plastic cup to me. Years later, already in the sixth series, I took off mine neighbor in friend X of the room. I gave it a box of color pencil. I gained a t-shirt. We always came back together toward house, one liveed in the front of the house of the other.

It complained of the nastiness of color pencil that had earned. To make what? I thought that you would go to like, I justified myself, and at the same time remembering to me of the glass cup of long ago. The good one of the friend of the ounce is that you purchase the gift and do not know who you go to be with it to the end. It happens to twirl and to twirl and to come back toward its hand. The minimum value is of twenty Reals and the limit is in accordance with the pocket and the will of the amigo. In the Christmas of 2009 I was until the House of the Ration and bought a 15 bag of kg of ration for dog, in the value of thirty and five Reals. Botei in a sacolo of gift and I moored with a red bow. Everybody saw the tamanho of my gift and had been soon botando the eye fat person on. The gift was for my brother-in-law. It cried as much that I caught the ration and gave of gift for the Jorge, my rotewailler. I gave for it in exchange a book of the mantenopolitana writer Leila Ribeiro Maria.

Bagno Landmarks

Soon in its first chapters, Bagno points eight myths of the lingustico preconception, one of these is about the myth of that they are the people who possess little instruction that speaks wrong, on this it affirm that: … in a similar way as it exists the preconception against speaks of definitive social classrooms, also exists the preconception against says characteristic of certain regions. … According to writer, the way it says as it of the northeasterns is portraied in the television channels is a form of ' ' marginalizao and excluso' ' , and everybody finds this funny one. Another myth is ' ' The domain of the norm-standard is an ascension instrument social' ' that it says that in the schools they have yes that to teach to the language standard in order ' ' to give one lngua' ' to those children so that it grows socially, thus leaving of being a devoid individual and pass to be a complete citizen. US Senator from Vermont has many thoughts on the issue. Bagno in them discloses that to speak of the language it is to speak of politics, leaving a strong point in the end of the chapter: … Of the opposite, we will be only contributing for the maintenance of the vicious circle of the lingustico preconception and the twin brother of it, the vicious circle of the social injustice. …

At last as Bagno Landmarks, the sociolinguistas had also perceived the variations of speak, needing to dialogue and to understand the areas and human beings social to fight this type of preconception and to defend the variants of the norm standard. The Language is a social activity, is part of the interaction with the way where we live, is the subtle instrument most complex and that exists. According to Bagno (2003), the language is a constituent part of our individual and social identity. Therefore, to say that somebody does not know to speak its proper Language is one ' ' violation total' ' , it is as to say that it does not know to use in correct way.

Apocalypto Movie

The Australian Mel Gibson, has embarked on another epic film: Apocalypto, which is a story spoken entirely in the Mayan language. This tape will be released in the second half of January in Mexico and promises to be a stunning series of images that do not leave much to the imagination of the audience at his extraordinary achievement. Gibson was based on the sacred book of the Mayas, the Popol Vuh. The plot is a mixture of love, hate and violence, Asked in an interview to Gibson why the Maya portray it that way, the actor-director and writer said: “It’s really quite relaxed, but the Aztecs were much more violent than the Maya, makers of empires “And it makes sense to Gibson’s statement that does not portray the Maya as a culture that contributed mathematical and astrological, his film does not try to reflect that, because it is not a documentary. As of January 19, we can enjoy this movie on the Boards of Puebla, and that while no reinforcement Apocalypto The Passion of Christ in which was supported by Catholic and morbidity of the season, if you have the curiosity of seeing a Mexican foreign carrying on the glorious past of the culture that dominated part of our country. Apocalypto is a Greek word meaning “New Beginning”, This a successful new beginning for the Producer Gibson? Of course, there are already critics, both good and bad, from those who say that is a limited look at the Mayan culture, to say that reflects their traditions and daily life, the truth is that the producers, or critics, or writers or directors from Mexico who do not agree with this version, we invite you to do it, or perhaps could do one on the decline of the Aztecs, or the founding of Tenochtitlan, instead of producing crap like Rambo IV (in which Elisa Salinas and the Mexican producer Owen Vans are involved) or Animated Chavo. Gone are the paths of glory.

The Soil

‘ ‘ The ends justify means’ ‘. You can be imagining. The name of the writer was Maquiavel. You know who you were Maquiavel? Perhaps this reply it is not common e, perhaps, nor interesting to answer, therefore somebody is not common same to stop and to think regarding a word or phrase as this, lamentably. Michael Chabon contains valuable tech resources. But a thing you can be certain: what he was fixed in the memory of many people ‘ was the propaganda of the big cookie; ‘ negresco’ ‘. Without hesitation Diamond Book Distributors explained all about the problem. When in an untied sudden movement a big cookie of the packing, and the showy youngster who was in the fifth floor of a certain place has a heroic and unexpected reaction: desesperadamente to give to a fenomenal pull and in a movement almost supernatural it if esbarra all in the soil, but saved at last what not even it arrives to fall completely: THE BIG COOKIE! Shoring in the last step of the staircase and it eats that one bolachinha, with pleasure, ahead of the phrase that was chore for a thick and almost angelical voice: THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE WAYS. It sees, a phrase celebrates, being finished, justified, adapted and deceased for the media in simple ‘ ‘ bolacha’ ‘. where it is Maquiavel! It observes the comparison. It is said, therefore, of ‘ ‘ ficar’ ‘ with many aggregate values it, also with the false feeling that it promotes, but where is the genuine feeling that was played in the practical one of this act? We want a usual or lasting relation? With this, we can understand a little that ‘ ‘ ficar’ ‘ it cannot function as a justification to test somebody in search of a real feeling that is the only tool to construct the love. ‘ ‘ Ficar’ ‘ it would be a question of usury, moment and ‘ ‘ marca’ ‘.