Apocalypto Movie

The Australian Mel Gibson, has embarked on another epic film: Apocalypto, which is a story spoken entirely in the Mayan language. This tape will be released in the second half of January in Mexico and promises to be a stunning series of images that do not leave much to the imagination of the audience at his extraordinary achievement. Gibson was based on the sacred book of the Mayas, the Popol Vuh. The plot is a mixture of love, hate and violence, Asked in an interview to Gibson why the Maya portray it that way, the actor-director and writer said: “It’s really quite relaxed, but the Aztecs were much more violent than the Maya, makers of empires “And it makes sense to Gibson’s statement that does not portray the Maya as a culture that contributed mathematical and astrological, his film does not try to reflect that, because it is not a documentary. As of January 19, we can enjoy this movie on the Boards of Puebla, and that while no reinforcement Apocalypto The Passion of Christ in which was supported by Catholic and morbidity of the season, if you have the curiosity of seeing a Mexican foreign carrying on the glorious past of the culture that dominated part of our country. Apocalypto is a Greek word meaning “New Beginning”, This a successful new beginning for the Producer Gibson? Of course, there are already critics, both good and bad, from those who say that is a limited look at the Mayan culture, to say that reflects their traditions and daily life, the truth is that the producers, or critics, or writers or directors from Mexico who do not agree with this version, we invite you to do it, or perhaps could do one on the decline of the Aztecs, or the founding of Tenochtitlan, instead of producing crap like Rambo IV (in which Elisa Salinas and the Mexican producer Owen Vans are involved) or Animated Chavo. Gone are the paths of glory.