It enables access to micro entrepreneurs and mypes a training system that seeks to improve and enhance their human and technical skills to participate in the opportunities the market offers to train, launch and grow a business within the broad spectrum of existing items to the eaves of formal microenterprises. We share specialized training in areas relevant to the area of business management and entrepreneurship and also on the handling easy. Soon there will be a guiding Infocentro entrepreneurial learning and carrying out the formalities for direct their ventures. Are channeled through various training courses via SENSE (National Scholarship Program and FONCAP), among these are the Digital Literacy (computer literacy), Employability (workshop), Basic Technical English. Channeling is the basic accounting .- Coordinating the participation and implementation of seminars, workshops and / or technical talks with public and private network attached to the promotion of production. With the participation and assistance of the San Fernando micro and / or members of the Business Management Center.Among those include: 2007 Annual National Meeting of SMEs and minipymes-Sofofa – in Santiago. Prochile Seminar “Reality export 2007 – 2010” and instruments of Trade building. In San Fernando, City of Sn. Signed. Event Meeting Metro-Tur, in the context of public-private partnerships in the area of tourism development and microenterprise too. International Seminar Mipyme designs “, in Santiago.

Modular system

The specialty of collective food service is built on the basis of modular systems. Small Business Management, is one of them, and economic development in recent years, based on exports and foreign investment, put each Chilean company in competition with their counterparts worldwide, requiring them to improve the efficiency and quality of the good or service, increase reliability, standards compliance and optimal customer service. To win markets and stay in them, not only have had to considerably strengthen the productive area, but also the management, with a strong emphasis on proper planning, documentation and adherence to the laws and proper management of human resources.This reality experienced in the first large companies, but over time has been extended to smaller firms.

Customer perspective

Customer perspective To achieve the financial performance that a company wishes, it is essential having satisfied and loyal customers, with that goal in this perspective are measured customer relationships and expectations that they have on business. Moreover, this perspective takes into account the main elements that create value for customers, and to focus on processes that are most important to them and satisfy them more. The customer knowledge and processes that generate more value is very important to ensure that the financial picture is prosperous. Without the study of the peculiarities of the market that the company is focused there can be no sustainable development in the financial perspective as largely financial success comes from increased sales, a situation that is the effect of repeat customers their purchases because they like the products the company develops, taking into account their preferences.A good way of measuring or knowing the customer’s perspective is designing basic protocols of care and client using the methodology of undercover to the staff relationship with the customer contact (PEC).

Business For the

Business For the shop, see Store. Fa ade of the Bank of England in London. Business is an activity, system, method or way to get money in exchange for providing some form of benefit to others. An example would be the creation of a website where we give free advice on business and win money for the advertising we place on it. Another example would be asking for financing, travel to a foreign country, buying a used car lot and then sell them in one’s country. But a business is an entity created or organized for the purpose of obtaining money for production activities (eg, a furniture factory), marketing (for example, an auto parts store or a distributor) or services (for example, a restaurant or a garage), to benefit others. Business is business or social activity that has been thought and that to develop.It is a tool that lets you organize and plan activities that we want to make the goals of our cooperative enterprise.


“We gave the murderer to justice Esteban Gonzalez after five months on the run, claiming to be innocent of the death of fascist vilches shots in the Persian Bio Bio. They were the publications of the various mass media after our comrade’s voluntary surrender to justice stupid to publicize the truth. Attorney Patrick Cooper acknowledged that our friend does not show that has inflicted some of the stab wounds that ended the lives of SHARPUTA, but said that his mere participation in several instances it credited as co-author. This is the shit of our democracy today is the Chileans imprisoned in the walls of their homes and the real criminals walk freely in our streets and our country fighting for freedom of dealers, thieves, rapists, etc.. It is unjustly imprisoned just for being an important thought leader in the Puente Alto, to be NATIONAL SOCIALIST!. What our society does not know where the TV and hides of pigs sion communists and anarchists, who are they who are destroying our cities, passing through our streets with bombs and bordering our homes with their propaganda of chaos and terrorism . They ampra justice because, according to the uneducated believe that fighting for peace and freedom.For my part is not only a child’s mind, one of the great utopias of all time, where the majority of its members are underage and where drugs control your style of “struggle.” For those who do not know, our movement is attacked with lies and where the reality is that we fight for a nation free of drugs and crime, where our mission is to encourage youth to sports, healthy living and good habits, we also try to Chilean citizens away from the television box to make way for love and family togetherness. Respect for fighting with courage and loyalty for a utopian world free of misleading and cancers that bleed our country. Freedom to our warriors today that punishment play a disgrace to our ancestors and give death the traitors that litter our country with their lies and terrorism. FREEDOM TO OUR COMRADES! SIEG HEIL! VIVA CHILE! cristhian88 nacionalsocialista.com

Life and Accident

Life and Accident Insurance Finally CIGNA also has life insurance and accident in their area of Affinity. In this case, instead of ensuring company employees, asgura to customers who want an insurance policy with CIGNA through a company with whom the policyholder has affinity. CIGNA n this case acts as a white label. This type of activity came after an agreement with American Express to provide insurance to their cardholders. The insurance offered to the client can be extremely varied: dental insurance for hospitalization in case of accident, hospitalization, death, death in case of accident, diagnosis of critical illness, payment protection, funeral services, etc..

First adventures (1929-1934)

First adventures (1929-1934) Most likely, the fate of the first adventure of Tintin was decided by the abbot Wallez, fervent anti-communist: it is not just to entertain youth, but to show the alleged dangers of communism. Based on a book quite popular at the time denouncing these dangers, Moscou sans voiles (Moscow without veils, “1928) by Joseph Douillet, Tintin in the Land of the Soviets reporter tells the raid, and accompanied by his faithful dog, the fox terrier Snowy, in Soviet Russia, insisting constantly on the evils of the communist regime. Herge’s drawing is still fairly rudimentary, and clearly shows the influence of American cartoonists such as George McManus. The cartoon was a huge success among the Belgian public: he finished published in May 1930, was staged in Brussels North Station Tintin’s return to Belgium.The character, represented by a boy scout of fifteen, he was greeted by a real crowd. With this popularity, the year after their adventures began to appear also in France, a Catholic weekly, Vaillants Coeurs. That same year, other characters of Herg , Quick et Flupke, made their appearance in the pages of Le Petit Vingtieme. The second adventure of Tintin was played out in the Belgian Congo, and is an outspoken advocacy of the benefits of colonialism, with some racist overtones. Dominated by a paternalistic discourse about colonial rule, in force in Belgian society of the time. Some of the more controversial aspects of the album were eliminated in later ions.However, the comic remains controversial, as evidenced by the controversy caused by its recent reissue in the UK, in 2007. At the end of the adventure of Tintin in the Congo is discovered that a group of Chicago gangsters, led by Al Capone, plans to take over the diamond business in Congo, already anticipating what would be the third of the adventures of the reporter, Tintin in America. Indeed, in the following story, which began publication in September 1931 in the pages of Le Petit Vingtieme, the young reporter and his trusty fox terrier visit the United States, where the protagonist not only manages to thwart criminals Capone but who has time to make a visit to the red, long idealized by Herg since he was a Boy Scout.For the first time, the character of Tintin takes decisive match for the rights of an oppressed minority, strongly denouncing the abuse of being given to the Indians in the United States. In the next episode of his adventures, Cigars of the Pharaoh originally entitled “The Adventures of Tintin in the Orient”, Tintin begins a journey that will lead to new exotic settings: Egypt, India and, later, in the second part of the album, The Blue Lotus, China. This time the reporter is not traveling as an envoy of his newspaper, Le Petit Vigti me, but for pleasure. In Cigars of the Pharaoh’s officers Thomson and Thompson (Dupond et Dupont, in the original) make their first appearance. Takes center stage the figure of the evil millionaire Rastapopoulos, who had already had a brief appearance in Tintin in America. With respect to previous adventures, the story has been considerably enriched.The ion as independent album of Cigars of the Pharaoh, in 1934, was provided by the publisher Casterman, which then would be responsible for publishing the adventures of the character (the first three volumes had been published by ions du Petit Vingtieme).


In certain hotels such acts require specialized personnel in charge of booking and organizing everything related to the use of rooms for conventions and material outsourcing. In hotels accommodation capacity reduced, there is often a professional figure called responsibilities of groups and conventions, which is responsible for managing group bookings (can be considered as a group, a minimum of 6 rooms in a hotel of 50 rooms) and the trading, monitoring, sales and organization of different events that can develop into a hotel and can be a Congress, a convention, seminar, Show Room, etc … In most cases this person usually belongs to the Commercial Department of the company, but there are companies belonging to the Front Desk Department as the sale of the event is carried out by Marketing Executives. In this case the charge of groups and conventions, is responsible for organizing the event once the sale is closed.

The framework of the chain

The value chain was immediately in front of company management thought as a powerful analysis tool for strategic planning. Its ultimate objective is to maximize value creation while minimizing costs. What is at issue is to create customer value, resulting in a margin between what is accepted and pay the costs incurred. The value chain helps to determine the activities or distinctive competencies that can generate a competitive advantage, a concept also introduced by Michael Porter. Having a competitive advantage is to have a higher relative profitability of rivals in the industrial sector in which it competes, which has to be sustainable over time. Profitability means a margin between revenues and costs. Each activity carried out by the company must generate the greatest possible. Otherwise, it should cost as little as possible in order to obtain a margin exceeding that of rivals. Activities of the value chain are multiple and complementary addition (related).The set of activities to choose to value a business unit is what is called competitive strategy and business strategy, different corporate strategies or the strategies of a functional area. The concept of subcontracting, outsourcing or outsourcing, it also analyzes the value chain. The concept has been extended beyond individual organizations. It can also be applied to the study of supply chain and distribution networks. The provision of a set of products and services to consumers mobilize different economic actors, each of which manages its value chain. Synchronized interactions of those local value chains create an extended value chain that can become global. Capturing the value generated along the chain is the new approach adopted by many management strategists.To exploit the information base that goes up and down along the chain, companies can try to overcome the intermediaries creating new business models.

Can grow in times of crisis

Charles Nance, an international consultant in human resources sales and customer service: In all countries, the SME component is about 85 and more, both have great participation in the labor market and, forever, its paradigms are associated with crises arising from its continuous nature. Living with liquidity problems, living with sales problems, living with problems of management, so for many, the crisis is generally an occupational hazard, keeping the proportions. In general, SMEs are accustomed to individual and sequential crisis arising from their origin, usually generous in good ideas and deficiencies in every way. We find permanent vicious circles associated with a deeply ingrained work culture that is born has a hard time informal and formalized. Technically, the SME can grow in the current scenario, the big reason is its low market share and high flexibility to restructure their operations. It is also a cost advantage dimensional proportional to its size.But the big problem that any company has is the accessibility to the market, because in reality very few know how to sell, most are hanging on the inertia of the market or a high-risk contract that keeps him tied to a customer who has high participation in the sale and consumes nearly all of its production capacity. This generates cash flow problems, at the slightest delay, which in turn creates a high dependence on funding sources that ends up continuing plunge in financial liquidity problems: in short, a permanent crisis stemming from its nature and its limitations to sell. The solution is to turn sales, access to income from the sale of soft growing together with good administration quickly leads to growth of the company. But this solution is not as accessible, because there are very few specialists in hard technologies that generate sales and control management systems that allow sales to climb steadily and help SME entrepreneurs to understand the dynamics of success that makes them grow with equilibrium healthy. He is known for growing companies by end regressed, making them disappear after a vigorous growth. Improve accessibility to markets is the goal of model management and sales management, however, once the SME learns to grow through sales, it is necessary that as the company evolves, its management methods also evolve , so that it can grow and make a good replacement when the time comes for change of generation. The conclusion is that you can grow in times of crisis through strengthening the marketing function that allows SMEs to access management models and sales management expertise to complement its production which is what usually dominate in the extreme. Carlos anco is an international consultant in Human Resources, Sales and Customer Services, is founder of http://www.consultor.cl/ specializes in insurance trading result.