It enables access to micro entrepreneurs and mypes a training system that seeks to improve and enhance their human and technical skills to participate in the opportunities the market offers to train, launch and grow a business within the broad spectrum of existing items to the eaves of formal microenterprises. We share specialized training in areas relevant to the area of business management and entrepreneurship and also on the handling easy. Soon there will be a guiding Infocentro entrepreneurial learning and carrying out the formalities for direct their ventures. Are channeled through various training courses via SENSE (National Scholarship Program and FONCAP), among these are the Digital Literacy (computer literacy), Employability (workshop), Basic Technical English. Channeling is the basic accounting .- Coordinating the participation and implementation of seminars, workshops and / or technical talks with public and private network attached to the promotion of production. With the participation and assistance of the San Fernando micro and / or members of the Business Management Center.Among those include: 2007 Annual National Meeting of SMEs and minipymes-Sofofa – in Santiago. Prochile Seminar “Reality export 2007 – 2010” and instruments of Trade building. In San Fernando, City of Sn. Signed. Event Meeting Metro-Tur, in the context of public-private partnerships in the area of tourism development and microenterprise too. International Seminar Mipyme designs “, in Santiago.