Musical Therapy

Metaphorically, the therapist may be seen as helping the patient to "tune" him / herself to a bio-energetic field optimal frequencies spontaneously after curative effect. To say that the therapist is directly doing the healing would be difficult to justify because the therapist could know how to run a multitude of biochemical reactions necessary for healing. She / he still can help restore a healing bio-energy field in and around the patient's own re-organization orchestra biochemistry. Extending the use of this metaphor, the therapist could be considered as a tuning device, similar to that required to tune a musical instrument. Therefore, we can say that the therapist as the tuner for the patient's bio energy field.

It is evident then that if an adjustment device is itself out of tune musical instrument will be optimized out of the key, no matter how well the technique of the musician. Similarly, if the music therapist who is helping to facilitate an adjustment of the biodiversity of the patient's energy field "out of tune" This will not only limit the healing process, but it could also be potentially harmful to the patient . It is essential then that the music therapist, besides being a skilled musician, also suffers from internal reset or retune bio energy. What will the therapist use as an adjusting device though? To answer this question, we must reflect on what it means to be in tune. As mentioned before, when the patient is in the harmony he / she feels relaxed, calm, cheerful, happy and joyful.

Pierre George

For it the notion of Polar region is on to the dependence notion, of concentration of the existence of a great center. But all the cities or centers have specific papers in the space, in the social division of the work as in the production of goods and services. Ahead of this context, we perceive the space organization in set with the capitalism, thus forming a way of production of goods and services and the economic formation of determined regions, in the case of this Project the City of Guar – DF. The economic development of Polar regions installed in diverse regions is initiated with the adjusted geographic localization for the enterprise. In accordance with Pierre George (1978, P. 62) the geographic localization of the industries obeys the imperatives or reacts the requests whose nature and weight still vary with the specific qualities of the faced manufactures and, in general way, the localization of an industrial establishment or a set of industries if it explains for the search of the best prices of cost, energy, man power, attainment of credits, easinesses of access to the sales markets and transports. For Pierre George (1978, p.65) the comment, and specifically the cartographic comment, sample that the geographic distribution of the light industries is much more diffuse of what of the heavy industries. Between these industries, of luxury, the sensible ones to the fashion, look the proximity of the strong urban markets. Ahead of the cited examples we perceive the necessity of a geographic mapping that will go to reduce the risks of the investment, determining one better localization for the enterprise, the best area of influence of a region. According to Andrade (1998, p.309) a city is not only one area where an accumulation of inhabitants and people exists, nor lives only in functions of population contingents who in it inhabit, works, studies and if they amuse.

Benedicto XVI

" I have thought about you from last night to this maana" , santo father has said to be thankful, in words improvised at the beginning of the liturgy, the effort and the resistance that in his opinion have demonstrated the young people. Pope Benedicto XVI has been surely of which the pilgrims, at some time at night, will have watched at the sky " with the eyes and certainly also with corazn" , and he has trusting in that they have been able, in spite of the storm, rested salary. " You do not keep the faith for you yourself " Benedicto XVI assured to the hundreds of thousands young people who attend the misa that cannot be followed Jesus without following the Church, " since who yields to the temptation to go by his account the risk of never finding Cristo&quot runs;. Under most conditions Ultra Wellness Center would agree. " To follow Jesus in the faith is to walk with Him in the communion of the Church. It Cannot be followed alone.

Who yields to the temptation to go ' by his cuenta' or to live the faith according to the individualistic mentality, that predominates in the society, the risk of not finding runs or ending up him following a false image of l" , it affirmed the Pope in the homily. The Pope invited the young people to respond with " generosity and bravery " to Christ, " as it corresponds to young hearts like vuestros". " You do not keep to Christ for you yourself. You communicate to the others the joy of your faith. The world needs the testimony your faith, needs certainly to Dios" , it affirmed. The bishop of Rome said also that the Church " it is not a simple human institution, like another anyone, but she is closely united to Dios". " The same Christ talks about to her like ' su' Church.

Membership Web

Today, the only market in the world that not only has not been touched by the recession but, despite the disastrous global economic climate we are living, has managed to grow, is the internet.There are hundreds of ways to make money using the internet. What are some of these ways of making money? 1 Ebay there are people that has echo fortunes through ebay, the world’s largest auction market. 2. Selling digital products is tries to produce digital products that inform. This market is very promising, because there are millions of people around the world who use the internet daily to find information. 3 Sale of tangible products this is a good system if you already have a product to sell, or is also possible to generate a product, produce it in China, and sell it. Add to your understanding with Martin O’Malley. 4.

This system affiliate market is very fashionable. It is making money through commissions to sell products. 5 Work from home this is not a business, if not that earn money doing various jobs, by example, by filling out questionnaires. 6 Google Adsense/ads contextual this is to publish content on a web page in order to put ads. The money is made by clicking on the ad. 7 MLM (multilevel marketing) these systems are generally legal, but we do not recommend them. 8 Instructors/advice many experts make money selling your experience and skills, depending on the area of specializing. 9 Services these website are websites that provide you any service, for example, nivel5responder 10 servers Web business very profitable, but much work, that you’re responsible for the websites of your CUSTOMERS.

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The Family

If you read carefully the paragraph above, we realize, that this was the vision with which began the union of small and medium-sized industries of Venezuela, however, the reality is different, these companies were mostly generated under the concept of family business, which was managed and controlled solely by the members of the family and this could lead to its decline and even collapse in many casesbecause we need to assess that many of these companies had no qualified personnel and did not possess specific managements, only existed as such charges, but they did not exercise the functions inherent to them. Having as main problem of base little administrative and managerial training in the organizational structure, coupled with a others that many with has developed technology. It should be noted that with the passing of the years many changes have occurred in scenarios that have an impact on the organizational behavior of SMEs, as in the case of consumers who increasingly are becoming more demanding in the demand for products that meet their needs and preferences. Consumers demand quality products, preferring already imported that nationals, affecting thus SMEs often cannot compete with that foreign companies have to offer. SMEs within the national territory are also facing the effect of the devaluation of the bolivar, which has led to a lot of businesses closed and those that do not have a strong economic base soon will do so. There is the antecedent of most of them consume imported raw materials and they must make adjustments to the realities of the environment, adjusted to achieve national commodity and redirect their production processes with sight to the quality required for the time being, in order to ensure participation in the market of agreement wings demands of globalization the lack of operation of the business sector of the SMEs in the present is alarming, because there are many that have been closed, others make collections, with fear and all this affects their development and what is more worrying, is that there are many shortages and too much dependence on the foreign import, seriously affecting the future of SMEs in the country.