Pierre George

For it the notion of Polar region is on to the dependence notion, of concentration of the existence of a great center. But all the cities or centers have specific papers in the space, in the social division of the work as in the production of goods and services. Ahead of this context, we perceive the space organization in set with the capitalism, thus forming a way of production of goods and services and the economic formation of determined regions, in the case of this Project the City of Guar – DF. The economic development of Polar regions installed in diverse regions is initiated with the adjusted geographic localization for the enterprise. In accordance with Pierre George (1978, P. 62) the geographic localization of the industries obeys the imperatives or reacts the requests whose nature and weight still vary with the specific qualities of the faced manufactures and, in general way, the localization of an industrial establishment or a set of industries if it explains for the search of the best prices of cost, energy, man power, attainment of credits, easinesses of access to the sales markets and transports. For Pierre George (1978, p.65) the comment, and specifically the cartographic comment, sample that the geographic distribution of the light industries is much more diffuse of what of the heavy industries. Between these industries, of luxury, the sensible ones to the fashion, look the proximity of the strong urban markets. Ahead of the cited examples we perceive the necessity of a geographic mapping that will go to reduce the risks of the investment, determining one better localization for the enterprise, the best area of influence of a region. According to Andrade (1998, p.309) a city is not only one area where an accumulation of inhabitants and people exists, nor lives only in functions of population contingents who in it inhabit, works, studies and if they amuse.