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Repairs and, of course, the construction – it was terrible for the average Russian. I want to do everything quickly and without too much trouble, but even if it is to be done quickly, there is money, no questions asked, to be honest, Can a very, very rare – almost always someone will be dissatisfied. Much simpler situation, when you know for sure where to find competent finishers (not in words but in practice – at least impressive portfolio). Dani Nierenbergs opinions are not widely known. Professional builders and good – it's incredibly important. They perform everything correctly, while expending the least possible amount of material. If you sign a contract with the company, you can even in advance to see the estimate, and and it will be spelled out all the upcoming expenses. Although some experienced people who specify that all costs and expenses with regards to repairs, cosmetic or large – is not so important – you need some calculate and add the third part – only get a rough picture of the costs. Building materials, by the way, it is better to buy at one point.

This saves time – come to one and all stroyrynok bought and shipping costs much less – can be delivered all at once. d Jr for a more varied view. See everest capital for more details and insights. In addition, if, say, to build a wall you need a brick, and on the next stage – the putty and liquid wallpaper, the salesmen do you recommend, what Building brands is better to buy that was a good result in the long run. And if you buy a lot of finishing, it's really done in bulk, and it is – a significant savings. Such bulk purchases can not do only on building the bases, but in the construction and repair supermarkets. It is true that before you start spending money, you need a clear idea of the size of the work and the sequence in order to avoid unnecessary costs. If You're new in the building – we will take a professional, but if in doubt about his skill, consult with one another. This option is more reliable than most to try to try to understand, and at the same time miss very much nuances. For the convenience of customers in RuNet easy to find the building directory, where all available profile information – it's much easier searching.

If you think that building stores Moscow – perhaps this is what you need from time to time, it is worth to devote some time and poizuchat topic. But then you will easily understand this, and you can already own to give advice to someone who plans to repair, to whom Construction – unknown. In general, the Internet is theoretically possible to find everything – from the tactics of how and what to build, to addresses and phone numbers where to find the necessary goods. It would be a desire and ability to use any reference for construction – and the search will be crowned with the reward.

Protect Timbers

Harvested in summer (May to September) of trees to DROP. Should not be used for backfill decaying material (sawdust, chips, fire, etc.) without preliminary treatment, which is used for antiseptic for the framework. For construction use well-dried wood (moisture content less than 20%). All wood elements are isolated from their foundations and bases in order to prevent penetration of water. Continue to learn more with: novelist. Can not raw wood plaster walls.

Must be systematically ventilate the room. How to protect trees from corruption, protection of wood against water, antiseptic, protective treatment for wood, composition, linseed oil, copper If you have any vitriol mold affected area is scraped or cut down, the waste is burned or buried in a deep hole. The construction of the well dried and treated with an antiseptic (three times with 3% m substance sodium fluoride or twice with 10% m substance neftoristogo cream soda), then dried again. Other surfaces (stone, concrete, brick, iron), located in the affected area by a fungus, also need to be dried, treated with antiseptic and once dried, is used for processing wood protection from insects and mold. Between floor balcony (balcony) and a wall of leaves a gap of more than 20 mm.

Need to ventilate povsevremenno intercommunication and attic floors, and underground. Dug into the ground of trees, for example details of garden furniture, protect antiseptic. Article filed under: For gardeners Useful tips for gardeners: Holiday walls can be constructed from various materials, such as wood. Most often they are made from softwood logs. The logs should be dry, crack and rot. Check the quality of the material can be an ax hitting a log, if the sound is clean and clear, then everything is fine. If you're going to build a fireplace in the country, you need to have it away from doorways that were not formed drafts. In contrast to the furnace chimney is not so much heat the room and serves mainly as ventilation and easy a beautiful place where you can enjoy a game of fire. The presence of toilets at their summer cottage necessarily, moreover, it must be comfortable, warm and clean. The most appropriate solution for this is the bio-toilet. Of course, you can build and his own, but you have to dig a hole, clean it regularly.

Sinks Foster

Still remember the days when most of our kitchens have been equipped with enamel kitchen sink. Certainly, they have served faithfully. But designers and the industry is not standing still. And the good old kitchen Shell has successfully replaced both practical and stylish and beautiful washes of new materials. Stainless steel – is not new, but the production technology improved and as a result of washing her got a new life.

This article – the story is about the stainless steel sink. Leader of innovation in the built-in kitchen sinks is unquestionably the world-famous Italian brand Foster. Sinks Foster adorn many projects famous companies producing prestigious kitchens. Products company today officially announced more than 40 countries and in Russia as well. And, above all, Foster is famous for kitchen sinks in stainless steel. Kitchen Sinks Foster – a whole multifunction centers, which are used not only for washing dishes.

They are intended for food processing – cleaning and defrosting, washing and rinsing. For more practical and convenient accessories – cutting board and Colander, baskets, trays and drainer, which can be fitted with each model washing, also available in Foster. In addition to their sinks are made in the same campaign appropriate style kitchen faucets. Foster produces both types of stainless steel kitchen sinks – Stamped and welded versions. Product range is very wide: it's a variety of shapes and sizes, and different methods of installation with respect to desktop – above the table, below the surface of the table at the table. Because of this, planners and designers of kitchen furniture have the opportunity to develop a stylish kitchen sets, using washes of stainless steel, which are perfectly in tune with the kitchen hood and hob. Qualitative characteristics of the kitchen sink stamps Foster stainless steel reflected tut.Glavnym advantage is, of course, is that material Sink is stainless steel of the highest quality European standard AISI. She has a great thickness, in comparison with other famous producers, and enough high-interest content in the steel of nickel and chromium. Kitchen cleaning of stainless steel such as a firm, not subject to rust and corrosion, are extremely shiny smooth surface. For stainless steel in Foster designed exclusive cover, which gives an ideal combination excellent appearance and functionality. These coatings allow simple and easy to care for cleaning. The result of advanced manufacturing technologies Foster became unusually deep bowls, including a stamped options quite practical and roomy for all operations. Large 3.5-inch drain, which equipped with a stainless steel kitchen sinks Foster, suitable for rapid emptying of the bowl. To protect against ingress of large particles in the wastewater is practical grid. In addition, the firm also produces waste heat food wastes that are compatible with all types of sinks. Standard with some models is an interesting remote control system drain mechanism. For many other types of sinks, on request, it comes later. Distinctive features of kitchen sinks Foster – it's functionality, design approach, attention to detail that allows you to create individual style of each food, making each sink part of the general solution of a kitchen. All products – kitchen sinks, hobs, hoods for the kitchen – made in a single design, made of the same material and have the same type of surface. For more details about the production of kitchen sinks Foster can be an online store Atlanta-Yu, site. Goods made to order and in stock, delivery to Russia.


Several low temperature in the room itself is not harmful, but in this case, the processed surface too cool. As a result, there are coating defects like orange peel, in addition, will have to reckon with an increase in evaporation time. If the temperature of the surface, by contrast, is too high, evaporation occurs too quickly – may appear pores or bubbles, filling deteriorate. At a temperature slightly below or above 20 C changes the viscosity of the enamel. Ambient humidity slows the evaporation of moisture solvent, it works the opposite way compared with the temperature. Coating dries slowly. In some circumstances, it is not bad, but considering the possibility of deterioration of adhesion and the likelihood of such defects as a white shroud, or dairy spots too high humidity is not desirable. Bernie Sanders has firm opinions on the matter.

Therefore, you should constantly monitor the humidity of the ambient air and demister installed in air ducts to The air was dry during paint application. No dust dust – the overriding factor when preparing to spray paint. It is impossible to overestimate the importance that the dust was removed carefully. To avoid this, before applying the enamel to minimize the impact of all sources of dust: supplied into the chamber air, the substrate, staff, compressed air. Must take the following actions: work are a source of dust, such as those associated with the elimination of irregularities, removing rust, polishing, and others should not be conducted in close proximity to spray booth; prior to application of paint in the chamber with compressed air Blasting the painted surface and wipe with a tissue that connects the dust; should be changed as often as possible harboring paper and film clean air and a hose leading to the gun; We recommend using disposable coveralls and shoe covers on, because threads or fibers of clothing cause significant damage to the lacquer coating; to fed into the chamber air did not contain dust, air filters should always be clean; before spraying the material should be filtered.

Fire Safety Certificate

Moreover, products and production parameters to be evaluated by the stability of production and quality control by inspectors for certification bodies in the systems Fire Safety Certificate and GOST-R is noteworthy that the certification system MTBF requires mandatory certification of fire protection. The absence of such a certificate makes it unlawful use of a flame retardant. In certificates of conformity issued by a mandatory standard rate funds, at which the fire-resistance rating required by the group. In some cases, the funny one and the same composition may have different consumption rates for different certification bodies. Typically, the manufacturer often deliberately go to where you can negotiate. Gain insight and clarity with novelist. Experience shows that successful development of effective and environmentally ognebiozaschitnye safe drugs can only company that has its own microbiological laboratories. The most progressive of them certify their production according to international standard quality. The proposal currently the domestic market is saturated with a variety of flame retardants from various manufacturers.

The reason for this diversity is the difficulty of the problem of fire protection of wood material, and with the ability to vary in a wide range of substances contained in them. That's why, when choosing the best possible flame retardants should take into account a number of features. Fireproofing impregnation should not increase the hygroscopic properties of wood or impair its mechanical properties must be safe for humans and animals, shall not release harmful substances after application. Typically, flame retardants used for impregnation of wooden structures operating in conditions that preclude direct and prolonged exposure to moisture. In this regard, on the market are mostly washed out and legkovymyvaemye funds for water-based. For outdoor use they are used in combination with a subsequent paint layer.

In this case a necessary condition is the absence of their negative influence on the adhesion of paint coatings. When choosing a fire-retardant impregnation should pay attention to the rate of hydrogen ion concentration – pH of the medium. For example, there are flame retardants with pH = 1,5, close to the pH of strong acids. The use of such funds is not safe for the consumer and requires careful observance of the special conditions of storage and use. Many flame retardants, have considerable corrosive with respect, how to color and to ferrous metals. In some cases this may limit their use.

Celtic Floor

Parquet is a graceful addition to the general interior, and for centuries pleases the eye. Carpenters who lay the first parquet, made up mostly of drawing the right shapes, subsequently, complicating Fig. Various parquet laying all types of premises, ranging from the corridors and ending with the palace bedroom, has created a need for the manufacture of tablets of various shapes under certain kind of figure. So there was Artistic parquet – a combination of skill and art of a carpenter. In addition to laying parquet usual geometric patterns such as herringbone, which were popular in Soviet times, the master of hardwood cases are able to apply for floor truly works of art. Michael Chabon pursues this goal as well. Popular outdoor decorations are pictures of animals, birds and plants, but this work are not limited to hardwood and wizards make ethnic designs, for example, Celtic ornament or Oriental style. Such a pattern could be the basis for setting the style of interior design rooms or effectively complement it. Parquet pattern looks very beautiful and meaningful images clear even to the open-minded man in the street, causing excitement and respect.

Art parquet also gives the illusion of a rich decoration of the room, which is important with a limited budget allocated to the design space. Ride refinement and complexity is the palace parquet. This is the most expensive parquet laying, which developed the famous Rastrelli in the 18 century. Palatial highly artistic parquet includes up to a hundred varieties of wood, and modern Laser cutting technology allows timber cutting elements of any complexity. Currently, designers combine elements of classic wooden parquet floor with mosaic tiles, various types of stone and marble. Modern technology allows a computer to simulate the future design of the floor, pick up the texture, wood, indicate the size of individual elements and composition as a whole. Parquet works at the palace installation is divided into two technological process: the technique of marquetry and intarsia technique. Intarsia is the inclusion in the overall design of floor patterns made of valuable wood and marquetry – a fully mosaic parquet selection of tree species with a certain texture and color. Palace parquet is made in the production, so it has valuable features – high moisture resistance and the original "dry" elements that makes floor durability, and factory production decrease by several times the cost of works.

Master Leather

As a result, surface is flat and smooth, almost flawless. Further, the surface skin is treated polymer coating, protecting it from moisture and contamination. At the end on the leveled surface of the skin is applied with a roller embossed (perforation). In this way a truly beautiful and smart materials beautiful natural basis. > follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This type of skin – the easiest to clean and very durable, furniture in it is perfect for families with small children or animals, it is good, for example, of the upholstered furniture, that is planned to be used frequently and intensively.

. Category B (top performance) – aniline and semi-aniline leather with partially adjusted person. Used higher-quality pelts, they have a very small number of vices, which are slightly aligned filler and pigment. This category of skin more expensive one, because of water absorption and air-tightness, it is closer to the surface of category C. This is applied to the skin a thin protective coating which protects against moisture and dirt. In addition to decorate this skin is not required, but many use the master 'punch' to enhance the natural skin and drawings pridatey dear and respectable appearance. Category C (natural) – a new product, aniline leather with a natural person. The raw material for production of leather in this class are thick (at least 1.6 mm) soft leather with a natural top layer in tanning process translucent colored with natural dyes, and therefore preserved the natural marks – areas of differing color and structure from the general background that nonspecialists find defects.


Whoever you are, beginner or experienced truckers, but each of you, both in principle and your house is influenced by environment, and what is not always gentle. On your example, everything is clear, ill hand, it means it's time to heal. But what about home? How to understand that he needs our protection and attention? Experienced tinsmiths believe that better disaster prevention is to disentangle the consequences. If you have just built a house or going to, but never thought about protecting smoke pipe, it's time to do it. Flyugarka the pipe not only copes with the protection of the pipe from damage, but is an excellent element for the decoration of the tube.

Flyugarka the pipe or chimney Dymnikov to address several problems. As we mentioned a remarkable decorative element of the house, allows us to give a complete view of the cottage. Undoubtedly, the main function is protection flyugarki bricks from crumbling further and full destruction of the whole chimney. Using flyugarki, an umbrella, a cap on the tube or the tip will help to avoid nesting birds, especially true in the summer time, when the owners are leaving their cottages and the furnace respectively, did not fueled. Of making the caps on the pipe, the company paid great attention to product life. As shown by studies and work experience, life flyugarki is composed of several parameters: the quality of material, production reliability and small importance tip height of the chimney.

And now everything is in order. With the first two parameters, usually, no question, but what affects the durability of the height of the chimney? In fact, Indeed, all are painfully simple and clear. When the furnace, inside the chimney rises up the hot smoke. The higher the chimney smoke, the more it cools by exchanging heat with the tube. Ie we find that a high tube allows for leaving more chilled smoke. With regards to the same case with a short pipe, we get too high temperature gases, greatly affecting the life Dymnikov or cap on the pipe. But in this case there is an exit. Applying Dymnikov double bottom, we not only prevents the destruction of the pipe, but also to avoid ice dams and icicles on the tip tube. Perhaps you have encountered when fueling the fire with unburned sparks, using spark arrester, we have to reduce the effects of fire. Acquire Dymnikov, flyugarku or umbrella on the tube is at the professionals in this field, and then you get a high quality and durable products that can last for many more years do not only you but also your children.

Beautiful Stretch Ceilings

Currently, a beautiful stretch ceilings are at the peak of his popularity. And that point is understandable – suspended ceilings varied in texture and color, ergonomic, economically reasonable, safe, easy to installation and dismantling. Here are just a partial list of varieties ceilings: Sibling, multilevel, three-dimensional, high-gloss, matte, artistic suspended ceilings. Learn more at: Martin O’Malley. About what ceiling is best to choose one decides individually according to the area, type, temperature and destination room. Catalogue of suspended ceilings and manufacturers to select the suspended ceiling of a shower and a purse for every taste – from the most simple and available options to exclusive, aesthetically-conceived design of a popular foreign producers such as France, as you know firsthand how the now popular French tension ceilings. If you want to hide defects in your ceiling, give the interior is cozy and aesthetic, to hide the wiring fire alarm system, make the room a European level, while the suspended ceilings are perfect solution to all problems and wishes.

You can even install suspended ceilings in a starry sky! Children's room are ideal matte stretch ceilings warm shades, if a children's play – then choose a bright and cheerful colors, for bedrooms to choose the quieter tones – beige, or slightly pinkish. Perfectly suited glossy stretch ceiling bath with thousands of reflected glare of light, create a romantic and warm ambiance. In general, choosing suspended ceilings, should remember their main advantages: they are quickly installed or removed, does not require special care – just wipe with a soft cloth with any detergent, protect your home from flooding neighbors above, as able to withstand up to 100 liters of water, hide all the bumps the ceiling will create a unique interior room! Now the Internet is so accessible and wide-ranging that you can easily see samples of suspended ceilings, to learn about how much it costs the suspended ceiling, as well as where to buy suspended ceilings and a ceiling better. When using the text link to the obligatory.


When a child goes to school in his life is changing, and yet had to change his room. Landscaping nursery is changing gradually, depending on the age of the child. There is need to create jobs for school work and responsibilities. If, however, resides in the nursery than one child, it is desirable that each of them has been provided its own "workplace." Dimensions of working table depends on the individual needs and interests of the student age. If your child is under 11 years old, fits table size 60 x 120 cm, then the demand for labor of the table will grow to 70 x 140 cm The best conditions provide tables that have the ability to change the height and angle. Table with adjustable height is convenient because the child can use them for a long time.

When choosing a table for your kid, do not forget that it surfaces must be fitted for storage (it can be tables, drawers, shelves for books and notebooks, a separate shelf or hook to a portfolio, etc.). In today's world using a computer Education is becoming increasingly necessary. If your computer does not use a specially-equipped table, there should be a separate surface. If a child has a hobby related to performance some action at the table, and room dimensions permit, it is recommended to place a separate table for his hobbies. Pay great attention to the choice of seats. The best option are chairs with a backrest and an adjustable height of the seat.

The seat height should be such that the child seat when he could touch the floor with both feet down. But we should not forget about the full vacation of the child. Therefore necessary to carefully and meticulously go to choice of bed. In small rooms, where there are few children, it is advisable to use bunk beds – this will save space and, at the same time, it will be interesting and useful for your kids. If you are stopped choice for bunk beds, do not forget to take into account the height of the room and the possibility of ventilation. Sleeping bags are arranged in parallel or at right angles to each other. Ladder for access to the upper bed should be quite stable and firmly secured to the supporting structure. The lack of beds, one above the other, lies in the fact that lead them to order rather uncomfortable. Today, there are universal bed facilities, where beds can be arranged as on himself, and next, on the floor – depending on the size of the room. In geographical terms are very attractive so-called loft beds. The space under bed can be used for storage of bedding, books and other things. If the space under the bed remains free, it can be used, for example, for the games. In the nursery school student must provides furniture to store things: school supplies, equipment, and items related to games, interests or sports lockers.