Whoever you are, beginner or experienced truckers, but each of you, both in principle and your house is influenced by environment, and what is not always gentle. On your example, everything is clear, ill hand, it means it's time to heal. But what about home? How to understand that he needs our protection and attention? Experienced tinsmiths believe that better disaster prevention is to disentangle the consequences. If you have just built a house or going to, but never thought about protecting smoke pipe, it's time to do it. Flyugarka the pipe not only copes with the protection of the pipe from damage, but is an excellent element for the decoration of the tube.

Flyugarka the pipe or chimney Dymnikov to address several problems. As we mentioned a remarkable decorative element of the house, allows us to give a complete view of the cottage. Undoubtedly, the main function is protection flyugarki bricks from crumbling further and full destruction of the whole chimney. Using flyugarki, an umbrella, a cap on the tube or the tip will help to avoid nesting birds, especially true in the summer time, when the owners are leaving their cottages and the furnace respectively, did not fueled. Of making the caps on the pipe, the company paid great attention to product life. As shown by studies and work experience, life flyugarki is composed of several parameters: the quality of material, production reliability and small importance tip height of the chimney.

And now everything is in order. With the first two parameters, usually, no question, but what affects the durability of the height of the chimney? In fact, Indeed, all are painfully simple and clear. When the furnace, inside the chimney rises up the hot smoke. The higher the chimney smoke, the more it cools by exchanging heat with the tube. Ie we find that a high tube allows for leaving more chilled smoke. With regards to the same case with a short pipe, we get too high temperature gases, greatly affecting the life Dymnikov or cap on the pipe. But in this case there is an exit. Applying Dymnikov double bottom, we not only prevents the destruction of the pipe, but also to avoid ice dams and icicles on the tip tube. Perhaps you have encountered when fueling the fire with unburned sparks, using spark arrester, we have to reduce the effects of fire. Acquire Dymnikov, flyugarku or umbrella on the tube is at the professionals in this field, and then you get a high quality and durable products that can last for many more years do not only you but also your children.