Ancient Greece

– it all depends on the function they perform, but all the same sandals Many scientists believe the very first shoe to the feet of man. Oddly enough, over the centuries changed fashion trends styles, but sandals are still very popular, especially thanks to the convenience socks and a small amount. These shoes great for summer, wear it almost all people regardless of age: both men and women, and, of course, children. Children's shoes are comfortable to wear, easy in the operation and maintenance, relatively inexpensive, in which the child comfortable to walk, run, jump and play and that is very important for summer, not hot. Perhaps some of you think that the shoes came to us from Ancient Greece and Rome. and it is no coincidence, since all dictionaries and encyclopedias provide a definition of the word "shoes": 'The ancient Greeks and Romans: footwear, consisting of a sole without a heel secured to the leg straps' (Dictionary of Russian language under. Ed.

ap Evgenyeva). However, it is not. The History of the sandals go deep into the past, during the glacial period more than 5 million years ago, when people first got dressed in animal skins. These primitive leather sandals (clear that primitive man could not build, for example, boot in its present form, the first thing that came to mind – is to put something under the foot and tie) protect the feet of our Stone Age ancestors from the sharp rocks, prickles of ice. Due to their feet are more protected not only from the natural environment, but also from the vagaries of weather.