Queen Elizabeth

Mark Chadburn – acknowledged master of fantasy, even though our country is not very well known. A new novel by the author "Silver Skull" takes us into the era of Queen Elizabeth. The protagonist of the book – Will Swift, a spy in the service of Her Majesty. Charming, intelligent – a sort of James Bond, with a sword instead of a gun. He travels the world, and everywhere will find adventure. We have already met with Swift in the story "Who killed the giant? (Who Slays the Gyant).

The game's story – the story of the stolen Weapons that could change the outcome of the war. And – no, you guessed it. Although the novel tells about the time of Queen Elizabeth, the main enemy is not Spain, and invisible fairies yard. Ordinary people have of him do not know anything – just because that people like Will Swift, protect us from the beasts. If the main character like James Bond, his assistant on the Net more like Dr.

Watson. A faithful companion, one hopes – he always comes to the rescue when needed. The novel begins a new series of books, "Swords of Albion." The reader soon realizes that the action takes place in the same universe as the previous cycle of novels Chadburn – "The era of anarchy." The difference is that the "age" the action took place in today. Ordinary people – like you and me – suddenly learn about the world of dragons and fairies. And the fairies are by no means a pious, with golden wings – they want to destroy the world familiar to us. A special chip series "Age of anarchy" has become something that the main characters were adults – with their prejudices, complexes and regrets. It was a very brave step for the author. Usually the heroes of the books are children or teenagers. The unusual design has provided success of the "Age of anarchy" – and suggests that a new novel Chadburn will also be very popular. Let us hope that we will not meet again with brave Will Swift and his friend Netom.