Torsten Toeller

And even more: internal control mechanisms will be switched in expectation of an advantage. This shows an experiment with discount signs that employees of the brain researcher Christian E. Elger in the MRI performed. While researchers played subjects pictures of famous brand products on the monitor that is embedded in a special pair of glasses. In addition to the products, prices were even cheap, even immoderately. Click Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. At a gelbrotes discount sign lit up – but not always at the best price. “Would you buy this product?” asked a voice from the tape. And that wedged did what do consumers in a real purchase situation this subjects: you reached for the overpriced product – only discount on the plate.

Discounts represent a reward for our brain. This explains it, why you can’t almost powerless customers with bargains. Bill Frissell can aid you in your search for knowledge. The loss of money, however, activated a brain area that also for the Pain processing is responsible: the Insula. Hurts to look at a price. And there are exactly two ways to compensate for this, that finally arises desire to buy: discounts & co – and that is a costly vicious good feelings – and that is a promising Angel circle the buying network in the brain emotions make dreams wishes and desires business. The good news: This trail leads upwards to satisfactory profitability. Where emotion is, you can’t also margin”, Torsten Toeller, Managing Director of Fressnapf, says one of the most successful franchise companies all over Europe. How neuroscience tests have found, in particular the brain activity of purchase addict show an increased desire for a desirable product–combined with an at the same time lower sense of loss for money.

The projects will defeats the reason. And so this sums up Bernd Weber of the Neuroeconomics lab at the University of Bonn: there is a buying network ‘ in the brain. This will be Trade-offs between the desire for a product and the sense of loss for the money taken.

Thomas Engels

Although there are ups and downs, but just in sports both is always a motivation,”confirms also Thomas Engels, Managing Director of Webweisend media company from Dusseldorf. The joy was great, if you must then also part of the success with the support of the person. One can summarize the benefits of sponsorship on five points: reputation: the reputation of the sponsored goes on the sponsor, which brings a positive memory and the connection of the sponsor to the success with which. Thus, an increase in image due to the promotion of talent. Credibility: The rendered trust increases the credibility of the company. A mutual identification of the sponsoring partner is essential for this. Provided confidence and firm belief in the success of Act as an engine of sponsorship. Public relations: The sponsor comes through the success of his protege in the conversation.

Is the person or community that is supported, their popularity is also a Hanger for the customers of the company. If you would like to know more about Michael Chabon, then click here. Motivation: a team spirit, which affects the motivation on the sponsor is caused by the direct participation in the success. For the sponsored intensifies the hope, to believe in him, what drives him to another good performance. Contact information is here: Ken Cron. Promotion: The result of sponsorship are not only positive headlines and good public relations. Measures a person or group of persons is supported from the fields of sport, art, culture and science in the form of funding, equipment or services. As a thank you for the support, the sponsor is mentioned and may include, for example, its logo on the advertising platforms of the sponsored. In order to enjoy the benefits of sponsorship, you should focus always on common objectives, which both parties benefit. You should just deny them especially before the sponsorship and stick in a contract.

Depending on the type of sponsorship sponsored clothing and equipment, Sometimes it’s also about services, such as a successful Web presence. Fans will show interest in the products to emulate the idol or the model and may become new customers of the sponsor. Overall, a bonding, a common hope and common goals, which reflect positively on both sides caused by sponsorship. A well thought-out and planned sponsorship is of great advantage and since always an important element of successful public relations. Isabella contactor, Webweisend media company

Email Marketing

Effective use of shipping solution promio.mail by the esc mediagroup leads to intensification of the cooperation with Munich, January 23, 2013 – the Munich digital marketing agency of esc mediagroup GmbH, whose entrepreneurial roots in the field of E-Mail and newsletter marketing are, is the collaboration with the Bonn E-Mail marketing service provider increase. Core areas of future cooperation between the GmbH and the esc mediagroup GmbH, which among other things also in the areas of display advertising, search marketing, Web design /-development, address and lead generation is operating successfully, will be mainly the area of user developments for the newsletter – and campaign management. First positive experience with the products and services of the Bonn special agency for email marketing and online market research gathered already individual predecessor companies of the 2012 based full service agency in Munich. No wonder that after the merger also the esc resulting mediagroup placed on the expertise of, to to be able to reliably send their email newsletters and promotional mailings. As particularly appropriate for the daily newsletter dispatch by the esc mediagroup shipping solution has been select promio.mail, because this advanced customized version can be adapted quite inpiduell a wide range of customer needs. The practical experience gained in daily use of the Munich E-Mail marketer should now result in a comprehensive exchange of experience for the development of future shipping solutions by The recently approved closer of cooperation between and the esc mediagroup will be equally profitable for both partners, so the conviction of Wolfram Seipelt, a founder and partner of esc mediagroup: “for us the question in the foreground stand soon, how we can develop constructive cooperation with Here we arrived on the idea, the different experiences of our system engineers and marketing specialists at daily newsletter dispatch promio.NET of redistribute. Informal exchange of experiences resulting will run future management, on an intensive cooperation in the field of email newsletters and campaigns.

Facebook Marketing

The interaction rate in facebook marketing. Facebook BBs “People talk” exists for almost two years. Thus, a new methodology was added that said something about the interaction rate of people who are connected to the page. What was at that time already for much confusion, is not all clear until today. What exactly is behind “talk”? “The biggest problem in this social media marketing code is her name: talk” suggests that a certain number of people actually talk page about the particular Facebook.

But in reality, the ratio measures only direct interactions with the page. Thus, this value in fact is only partially meaningful. An example of a major textile trade chain with us in Germany serves as a good example at this point. The company had about 34,000 fans at the time and to the 21,000 fans have talked”at first glance every second fan who would interact with this page what is but not accurate as it would be thus! You looked directly at the wall you knew immediately what it’s about. Almost all posts and comments relate to a problem, that there was a coupon and all this interaction flowed in “talk”.

A pure evaluation of the number makes no sense, so therefore. Facebook’s “talk about it” is the sum total of all users who have created a “story” in the last 7 days. “” Include the following actions: “Like” Facebook page to post on the wall of a Facebook page “like” one posts comment of a post parts of a post answering a question replying to an event invitation mentioning a Facebook page in a post (via @-sign) mark a Facebook page on a photo of check-in somewhere writing a recommendation / “Like” the Facebook of a check-in deals BBs talk about “counts only so-called unique users”, i.e. when a person 7 days performs two or more of the above mentioned actions, he is still only counted once! Who have a Facebook Page writes, this tagged but not in the post via @-Zeichen, also is not counted! Individual comments, which like a”marked, are not counted! “As you can see, this value is talk” sometimes to enjoy, especially since there are also companies that value with Shitstormaktionen and conscious return actions after the top screw these facebook marketing with extreme caution.

Capri Sun

One and two special bodies and posters include ranked, followed by displays. On the fourth Place one of the personal experience: when staff promotions customers can touch the product, test and/or consult direct from the manufacturer. For a majority of customers on their journey of the shopper, the Internet plays”an important role. Musician oftentimes addresses this issue. Almost all respondents informed in advance of their shopping on the Internet about the desired product. 74 Percent to determine to buy technology products online. The fusion of on – and offline trade is becoming increasingly clear: indicate 26 percent consult in the business and then online to buy the product, 25% consider it exactly the other way around.

But absolute confidence when purchasing online doesn’t seem to exist, three quarters of respondents see their friends as the most reliable source of information before the purchase and/or consult a personal consulting business. Only 6 of 400 respondents uses to inform social networks to sign up about a product, even though 58 percent indicate, already to the purchase or coupon redeem your Smartphone to have used. With the results of the consumer survey The companions and the magazine present acquisa a survey on motivations for purchasing behavior in the electronics specialists. This agency has questioned Cologne in July 2012 per 100 persons in Media Markt, Saturn, ProMarkt and Euronics in Dusseldorf. The companions GmbH is an owner-managed company for marketing communications and sales based in Cologne. In the four areas of business consulting, communications, sales management and staff communication, the company employs approximately 50 employees. Since 2003 the companions accompany the way of the products of its customers with exceptional strategies and ideas – and that through the entire sales process, starting in sales and sales force, on trade, in the hands of the end customer. The experience of the fellowship is based inter alia on over 3 million visits in the German market, as well as about 400 projects for large brand advertisers in marketing and sales. Partial customer list: FMCG: SENSEO, Metten, Mills Kolsch, Capri Sun, Bel Germany, Felipe – de Beukelaer telecommunications, UE and IT: Nokia, Philips, Pentax, Garmin, MediMax lifestyle and fashion: Maurer & Wirtz, Gardeur other: COMPO, BRITA, Gardena press contact: the companions GmbH Angela moon rose Street 40-46 50678 Koln Tel.: 0221 97762-215 fax: 0221 97762-100


The starting of a new business is also linked to the question of a suitable logo. Logo creation, the entrepreneur must consider well what colors he used for the logo. The starting of a new business is also linked to the question of a suitable logo. Logo creation, the founders must consider well what colors he used for the logo and his CI. A color logo should also in a black and white”version have the effect desired. Is a black and white”is version of importance, the logo on promotional material should be printed.

A monochrome version is cheaper to print T-Shirts or pens. Also the logo color is between a CMYK, color Pantone or HKS. CMYK CMYK is cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow (yellow) and key (black) for the shortcut. The four-color consists of four cans, which are mixed and produce the desired color result. The colors easily with different printing differentiate. The advantage of a logo colour in the CMYK color space is the feasibility of printing for newspaper advertisements. At the creation of printed materials, no special color must be paid in addition. A high individuality and accuracy of colour can be achieved by Pantone or HKS full tone color Pantone and HKS full tone color.

From a fixed color palette, a hue can be selected, which depicts the same color image in printed materials. Also some colours can be achieved hue by a CMYK. A disadvantage is that solid color not in digital printing can be used and higher costs when printing. In summary, the later use of the logo in the color selection should be considered with. Color accuracy or fancier colors can be achieved by Pantone and HKS full tone color. The CMYK colors represent a cost-effective and practical printing solution in all areas. For more information about printing and printing and design, visit the Web page of the advertising agency ATELIER AVANTI from Bremen.