Capri Sun

One and two special bodies and posters include ranked, followed by displays. On the fourth Place one of the personal experience: when staff promotions customers can touch the product, test and/or consult direct from the manufacturer. For a majority of customers on their journey of the shopper, the Internet plays”an important role. Musician oftentimes addresses this issue. Almost all respondents informed in advance of their shopping on the Internet about the desired product. 74 Percent to determine to buy technology products online. The fusion of on – and offline trade is becoming increasingly clear: indicate 26 percent consult in the business and then online to buy the product, 25% consider it exactly the other way around.

But absolute confidence when purchasing online doesn’t seem to exist, three quarters of respondents see their friends as the most reliable source of information before the purchase and/or consult a personal consulting business. Only 6 of 400 respondents uses to inform social networks to sign up about a product, even though 58 percent indicate, already to the purchase or coupon redeem your Smartphone to have used. With the results of the consumer survey The companions and the magazine present acquisa a survey on motivations for purchasing behavior in the electronics specialists. This agency has questioned Cologne in July 2012 per 100 persons in Media Markt, Saturn, ProMarkt and Euronics in Dusseldorf. The companions GmbH is an owner-managed company for marketing communications and sales based in Cologne. In the four areas of business consulting, communications, sales management and staff communication, the company employs approximately 50 employees. Since 2003 the companions accompany the way of the products of its customers with exceptional strategies and ideas – and that through the entire sales process, starting in sales and sales force, on trade, in the hands of the end customer. The experience of the fellowship is based inter alia on over 3 million visits in the German market, as well as about 400 projects for large brand advertisers in marketing and sales. Partial customer list: FMCG: SENSEO, Metten, Mills Kolsch, Capri Sun, Bel Germany, Felipe – de Beukelaer telecommunications, UE and IT: Nokia, Philips, Pentax, Garmin, MediMax lifestyle and fashion: Maurer & Wirtz, Gardeur other: COMPO, BRITA, Gardena press contact: the companions GmbH Angela moon rose Street 40-46 50678 Koln Tel.: 0221 97762-215 fax: 0221 97762-100