The city was founded in 212 by the Alans, a tribe north-Iranian language group. But even in ancient times, around here there was a Hellenic colony Afineon. Like all the coast, the city went from Rome to Byzantium, periodically testing raids of the nomads. Repeatedly changed the name: Sidagios, Soldayya, Surozh (in Russian chronicles), Sugdeyya. Last name is connected with a powerful trade union Sogdiana which arose in the Middle Ages in Central Asia from educated Hellenized cities.

The powerful flow of goods from China to circulate in England, and in this way Sugdeyya was an important junction, especially for the Russian principalities. According to Orthodox tradition here at the end of IX century by Stephen St. Sourozh, converted to Christianity with the Prince of Novgorod Bravlin entourage. In the XI century the city became the main port Polovtsian (Kipchaks), who owned vast expanses of the steppes of Siberia to Hungary. Since XIII century, their relationship with the Mediterranean and Europe take on the merchant republics of Venice and Genoa. Sudak for 150 years became the center of the Venetian possessions, but close – in Feodosia quickly strengthened the Genoese. In 1365 they achieved from Golden Horde exclusive rights to all the coast of the Crimea, they were soon captured and rebuilt Soldayyu fortress (the first buildings which date back to the Byzantines).

In 1475 the castle was stormed landing, landed with Turkish squadron. Holes of powerful guns are still gaping in the walls of the fortress. The city, however, remains the main center of wine trade with the export volume of about 170 000 buckets (12.4l) per year. And with the transition in 1783 to Russia here mass rushes professionals, adventurers and rogues just from wine, which bought the local wine and sold under the guise of French champagne. In the 1804-1809 academic years Pallas led them to set up a State-owned Sudak school of viticulture and winemaking, built a house here with a vineyard and wine cellar, that he first described the 40 local grape varieties, sought the secrets of champagne. Academician HH Steven, the founder of Nikita Botanical Gardens from 1807 until the end of his days working for a long time in Sudak. Was a frequent visitor at his dacha in Sudak marine painter IK Aivazovsky. "Sudak motives' are not left without inspiration and composers. This AK Glazunov, A. Spendiarov. Over the years, came to Pike, Anna Akhmatova, Andrei Bely, Paustovsky, Alexander Green, Vincent Veresaev, Konstantin Friction, Vsevolod Vishnevsky. In 1927, visited Mikhail Bulgakov. The history of Sudak in has recently can be found in the City Museum, it opened in the tourist complex "Sudak" in the former villa of the Funk. But perhaps the best known international festivals Sudak brought KVN, which take place in this complex.

Make Money Online – Imitate Your Competitors

If you really want to do a lot of money online with a blog, you have to dare to compete with your competitors. Find out who your competitors. Do not be afraid to lose to them. Do not listen to what others say you should not compete with one being large and small, go for this niche market. Want to be happy letting the "big boys" get all that great amount of money while you just sit and do nothing? How do you know that you lose when even going to compete? If you lose, at least I tried, that's another thing altogether. At least you tried.

Of course you should be smart and plan your strategy well. John Mclaughlin may also support this cause. Do not go well without analyzing competition. We are all human and make mistakes. Take advantage of human weakness that each of your competitors have. One of the first steps you can do is imitate them.

Look what they write on their blog and try to imitate them. Normally I will Problogger as a method to follow. I will take notes and do the things he tells the readers and do things that have been forgotten. This is a transparent competition. If you are using a particular design, try to get a similar design. If you use video in your blog, use it too, because they are using and is effective. It is the best way for people better so it follows that model. At first you can emulate and as you progress try to be more original for more visitors.

Teaching Science To Children Tales

EDUCATION for children, short stories was day when two bears came out to give a ride, Daddy bear and his son. Butterflies played and entertained with every ray of light that illuminated the road, going through a pretty cottage. The teddy bear I ask to your Daddy who is that little house and called? Papa bear said to him: listen to me well, many people say that the House has several owners, but they are never in agreement. The only thing is that the House is called, geocentric. Geocentric? If it is, because many old folks said than all the planets including the Sun revolved around the Earth. I don’t understand Daddy, good explain you it this way: you live in this neighborhood, and you have a very nice house and would like to much.

Then when you go and look at another House. You think that your House is the best of all the houses in your neighborhood. That is why if digested you that we must put all the houses to roll, as they roll the wheels of the cart that you play. You picked that your House this quiescent, and others that are less pretty. Rotate around yours. So your House will not be damaged.

Now look at the sky, as you already know which is the Sun and the moon which is. You can differentiate them, as a large one small Teddy bear is different. You also see stars and other things in the sky. Also there are planets and many things more, as the old folks believe that this House is better, they say; than all the planets, the Moon and the same sun. They revolve around the Earth. This is called geocentric theory. uuuu already. He said the little bear, and think more. Do you want to know it?

Overcomes Shyness Before Having Children

Being shy is not measured the true scope of this condition. Always look at it from the perspective of the consequences that has for oneself. After all, it is a story of constant frustration. If someone asks what is the cause if not happy it is not necessary to count all the failures that have been. Suffice it to say a word: shyness. However, our fears have a reach beyond us. Someday if still we are not, we will be parents. And we have in our hands the fresh mud of our children.

We can mould them if we have enough wisdom to do so. It will be the divine opportunity to build their characters as we have dreamed. That way we will feel proud of that little boy or little girl that corretea by the House and is related to intelligence. Won’t have to lament the fate that we couldn’t have raced a part of our lives. But does not inherit the shyness? You don’t have at least one strong hereditary component that is transmitted through genes? If our children life holds for the same or worse suffering than ours thanks to shyness will be very unhappy. Fortunately, not everything in this world is so terrible. I’m tired of seeing bolder and developed people who precisely are the daughters of shy parents. They were lucky enough not to inherit such difficulties.

Although somewhat obvious it is that they do contain a genetic contribution from both parents. Then why are they not shy? The reason is that their parents have been able to avoid it. And the best way to do this is to know what are the reasons that make a person have social difficulties. Mastering these factors will not only that you can protect your children from failure and social void. It also allows you to achieve a greater understanding of what a ti te has affected. It is a proven fact that there are educational styles that produce shy children. No matter the inheritance from the parents. The fundamental is the experience that the child lives in the household during the first 10 years of life. Shyness can be overcome, thousands of people have done so. And it’s worth knowing the factors that determine it. Us It will serve to combat it and to prevent it in our children.

Wholesale Wood

One megawatt of power is enough to fully meet the production room with hot water and heating. Solved the problem of utilization of MDF and particleboard, as an entity had serious misunderstanding with the environmental Services on this issue. The simplest and most obvious way to make a profit – is to sell crushed fraction in companies that produce particleboard and briquettes – for combustion in boilers housing or for export. Cost per chip cubic meter is about 500 rubles. Price may vary depending on the quality of chips and the region. Chip quality is determined by the size and homogeneity of the fractions, wet wood chips.

In principle, this market is so empty that, typing in search engine "wood chips", you will get dozens of offers to purchase. Even more common offers to purchase fuel briquettes. For Wholesale price for wood pellets is 30 to 50 rubles per 10 kg. At the same time fuel briquette is sufficiently profitable fuel. For example, the calorific value of briquettes -4795 kcal per 1 kg, and peat -3200 kcal lignite – 4300 kcal of coal, including anthracite -4600 kcal per 1 kg. Fuel pellets smaller than all other fuels affect the environment: the combustion of brown coal occurs 40% ash, black coal – 20% ash, and the combustion of wood pellets – only 0.5-1% of the ash from the burned fuel. When burning wood produced as much carbon dioxide as is spent for tree growth. Thus, the observed zero balance for carbon dioxide, not increasing emissions of greenhouse gases.