Wholesale Wood

One megawatt of power is enough to fully meet the production room with hot water and heating. Solved the problem of utilization of MDF and particleboard, as an entity had serious misunderstanding with the environmental Services on this issue. The simplest and most obvious way to make a profit – is to sell crushed fraction in companies that produce particleboard and briquettes – for combustion in boilers housing or for export. Cost per chip cubic meter is about 500 rubles. Price may vary depending on the quality of chips and the region. Chip quality is determined by the size and homogeneity of the fractions, wet wood chips.

In principle, this market is so empty that, typing in search engine "wood chips", you will get dozens of offers to purchase. Even more common offers to purchase fuel briquettes. For Wholesale price for wood pellets is 30 to 50 rubles per 10 kg. At the same time fuel briquette is sufficiently profitable fuel. For example, the calorific value of briquettes -4795 kcal per 1 kg, and peat -3200 kcal lignite – 4300 kcal of coal, including anthracite -4600 kcal per 1 kg. Fuel pellets smaller than all other fuels affect the environment: the combustion of brown coal occurs 40% ash, black coal – 20% ash, and the combustion of wood pellets – only 0.5-1% of the ash from the burned fuel. When burning wood produced as much carbon dioxide as is spent for tree growth. Thus, the observed zero balance for carbon dioxide, not increasing emissions of greenhouse gases.