Teaching Science To Children Tales

EDUCATION for children, short stories was day when two bears came out to give a ride, Daddy bear and his son. Butterflies played and entertained with every ray of light that illuminated the road, going through a pretty cottage. The teddy bear I ask to your Daddy who is that little house and called? Papa bear said to him: listen to me well, many people say that the House has several owners, but they are never in agreement. The only thing is that the House is called, geocentric. Geocentric? If it is, because many old folks said than all the planets including the Sun revolved around the Earth. I don’t understand Daddy, good explain you it this way: you live in this neighborhood, and you have a very nice house and would like to much.

Then when you go and look at another House. You think that your House is the best of all the houses in your neighborhood. That is why if digested you that we must put all the houses to roll, as they roll the wheels of the cart that you play. You picked that your House this quiescent, and others that are less pretty. Rotate around yours. So your House will not be damaged.

Now look at the sky, as you already know which is the Sun and the moon which is. You can differentiate them, as a large one small Teddy bear is different. You also see stars and other things in the sky. Also there are planets and many things more, as the old folks believe that this House is better, they say; than all the planets, the Moon and the same sun. They revolve around the Earth. This is called geocentric theory. uuuu already. He said the little bear, and think more. Do you want to know it?