Facebook Marketing

The interaction rate in facebook marketing. Facebook BBs “People talk” exists for almost two years. Thus, a new methodology was added that said something about the interaction rate of people who are connected to the page. What was at that time already for much confusion, is not all clear until today. What exactly is behind “talk”? “The biggest problem in this social media marketing code is her name: talk” suggests that a certain number of people actually talk page about the particular Facebook.

But in reality, the ratio measures only direct interactions with the page. Thus, this value in fact is only partially meaningful. An example of a major textile trade chain with us in Germany serves as a good example at this point. The company had about 34,000 fans at the time and to the 21,000 fans have talked”at first glance every second fan who would interact with this page what is but not accurate as it would be thus! You looked directly at the wall you knew immediately what it’s about. Almost all posts and comments relate to a problem, that there was a coupon and all this interaction flowed in “talk”.

A pure evaluation of the number makes no sense, so therefore. Facebook’s “talk about it” is the sum total of all users who have created a “story” in the last 7 days. “” Include the following actions: “Like” Facebook page to post on the wall of a Facebook page “like” one posts comment of a post parts of a post answering a question replying to an event invitation mentioning a Facebook page in a post (via @-sign) mark a Facebook page on a photo of check-in somewhere writing a recommendation / “Like” the Facebook of a check-in deals BBs talk about “counts only so-called unique users”, i.e. when a person 7 days performs two or more of the above mentioned actions, he is still only counted once! Who have a Facebook Page writes, this tagged but not in the post via @-Zeichen, also is not counted! Individual comments, which like a”marked, are not counted! “As you can see, this value is talk” sometimes to enjoy, especially since there are also companies that value with Shitstormaktionen and conscious return actions after the top screw these facebook marketing with extreme caution.