Comptroller DK

On March 28, Dk Or they took the second qualifying round of the competition 1/4finala regional festival Rock music Free Rock Fest 2009". Apparently, the 28 number is a specific date, as the first qualifying round was held on February 28, but believe me, the difference was. The first thing that comes to mind about the last festival, so it's a phrase you look Comptroller DK-14.40, and there is none. Paul McCartney is likely to agree. We immediately see that the man had never been to such events. I'm back now, wait to be! He was, in three hours people poured from all sides, gathered near the Ak are small but the "mighty handful" of people happily eating (I'm not mistaken the word) beer. Through the sounds of suffering multiton Rock, sometimes slipped Grohl (how to spell that word?) Mixed with all sorts of songs and even dances. Since employees do not know the Ak, the habits of the informal public to come to the minute, and then another to stand in the street with half an hour to greet and interact with all the beer at all, and then heat passions was zhutok. But nevertheless, began …

.. On stage, as always, great preparation before the big concert. Just over half an hour before, on an emergency basis had to change one gauss (a large, heavy contraption, 125 kg, giving out a powerful low-musicians will understand.) Sound Engineer Eugene Ohmat all is not complacent and constantly "doshlifovuet sound." I must say that I have not seen zvukarya who tries so hard, as to comply with commands configuring sound.

Ancient Mosaic

Ancient Mosaic and its equipment. Mosaic mural or mosaic – a picture from pieces of stone and glass. Its history dates back to the 2 floor. 4 millennium BC. Mosaic was born in the Hellenistic cities and states, but has become a symbol Art of Ancient Rome. The Art of the Ancient Roman Empire have combined a one hand Hellenistic traditions, such as geometric proportionality and visually balanced work of art and architecture. Diamond Comic Distributors understood the implications. On the other hand, the aesthetics of the Roman Empire has developed from its imperial ambitions, which meant by a pathos, pomp, solemnity and tserimonialnost and displays global and versatility Roman policy, as well as the important role of the Roman aristocracy.

In ancient Rome were laid mosaic floors and walls of private houses, public palaces term. Here, novelist expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Mosaic combined an aesthetic beauty and practical for such places decor. In ancient times mosaic was prevalent everywhere. This was due to the fact that the form of decorative art was relatively inexpensive. While the mosaic was the most durable type of floor finish walls sidewalks, facades, because of small stones, pebbles, rubble from the crumbling cliffs, that is material to the mosaic was in excess, as compared to other finishing materials. Ceramics only began to develop at this time, and making tiles out of the huge monolithic stones were very time consuming and expensive. This type of finish, such as wood Apennines and Greece was not very reliable and sturdy. The technology of construction of megalithic buildings had gone into past.

Ivan Franko National Revival

Writing this article gave me great pleasure, because it goes just about clever, interesting and a great person, and my colleague. Ivan Yakovlevich Franco was not only a poet, novelist, playwright, translator, critic, literary historian, politician and public figure, but the editor, publisher and journalist. He was born August 27 1856. in the village Nahuyevychi (then the Austro-Hungarian Empire) in the family of a village blacksmith. Attended the village school, gymnasium Drohobych.

Already in the fifth grade school Franco began to collect its own library. Upon graduation, there were about 500 books, including collections of works of Homer, Socrates, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Scott, Goethe, Mickiewicz, Dumas, Heine, and many other classics. Frank continued education at the Philosophy Faculty of the University of Lvov. Exactly one year after the first collection of works by Ivan Yakovlevich was arrested. Over the next 12 years, he was arrested twice more. Because Franco was not just a writer. His goal was to create a Ukrainian political nation.

As he wrote to Ivan Yakovlevich, "I held various stages of development, worked very different job, he served various directions, and even nations, because it had to work a lot, but our Ukrainian, and Polish, German and Russian. But everywhere and always, I had one thought – to serve the interests of my people and the universal progressive, humane ideas. " Political views during the life of Frank changed from the youthful enthusiasm of socialism and federalism Drahomanov to conscious service to the idea of building the cathedral of the Ukrainian state. Ivan Yakovlevich was an active political and scientific activities. Together with M. Pavlik founded the journal "Public Friend". Worked extensively in the scientific community name Shevchenko headed his ethnographic Commission, edited "The ethnographic collection." He participated in the writing of the magazine "Literary and Scientific Bulletin." Not released a collection of works. But because of his political activities aimed at the independence of Ukraine, failed to get a scientific position at the Lviv University. And the elections for the appropriation of the title of academician Ivan Franko Petersburg's Academy of Sciences have been banned by the government Russian Empire. Over the years, took part in the elections to the Polish Sejm, but the administration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through fraud Franco did not allow the parliament. Continuous intellectual and artistic work Franco in various sorts and genres: poetry collections, novels, novellas, short stories, plays, translations, articles – have changed the face of Ukrainian culture, enriched and ennobled it. His contribution to the national revival in Ukraine is invaluable.

Queen Elizabeth

Mark Chadburn – acknowledged master of fantasy, even though our country is not very well known. A new novel by the author "Silver Skull" takes us into the era of Queen Elizabeth. The protagonist of the book – Will Swift, a spy in the service of Her Majesty. Charming, intelligent – a sort of James Bond, with a sword instead of a gun. He travels the world, and everywhere will find adventure. We have already met with Swift in the story "Who killed the giant? (Who Slays the Gyant).

The game's story – the story of the stolen Weapons that could change the outcome of the war. And – no, you guessed it. Although the novel tells about the time of Queen Elizabeth, the main enemy is not Spain, and invisible fairies yard. Ordinary people have of him do not know anything – just because that people like Will Swift, protect us from the beasts. If the main character like James Bond, his assistant on the Net more like Dr.

Watson. A faithful companion, one hopes – he always comes to the rescue when needed. The novel begins a new series of books, "Swords of Albion." The reader soon realizes that the action takes place in the same universe as the previous cycle of novels Chadburn – "The era of anarchy." The difference is that the "age" the action took place in today. Ordinary people – like you and me – suddenly learn about the world of dragons and fairies. And the fairies are by no means a pious, with golden wings – they want to destroy the world familiar to us. A special chip series "Age of anarchy" has become something that the main characters were adults – with their prejudices, complexes and regrets. It was a very brave step for the author. Usually the heroes of the books are children or teenagers. The unusual design has provided success of the "Age of anarchy" – and suggests that a new novel Chadburn will also be very popular. Let us hope that we will not meet again with brave Will Swift and his friend Netom.

Prize Prince Asturias

Santiago Calatrava architect, engineer and sculptor Prize Prince Asturias of Arts 1999. Each project is conceived as a work alive related between each of the parts that compose it. He designed his works such as containers and aesthetic elements of life, on the basis for his design in the human skeleton. Awarded the prestigious MIPIM award for best residential building in the world for his work Turning Torso, built in the Swedish city of Malmo. The structure of Turning Torso, is based on a sculpture by the architect himself, is inspired by the human torso a rotary motion, which gives it a unique design in the world, they explained. The American architects Institute (AIA) awarded gold 2005 Santiago Calatrava thus placing it in the Olympus of the gods of the world architecture, to equate his talent with the of visionaries like Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. The AIA recognizes with the gold medal the trajectory of individuals whose work has had a lasting theory and practical influence of the architecture.Architect specializing in large structures that are characterized by an extraordinary beauty and harmony. Calatrava makes structures in essential elements and works of art…