In addition to the attractive the appearance of laminated plywood has excellent heat and sound insulating properties, so it is used for finishing the walls of public buildings, sports facilities, concert and cinema halls, children's institutions. Manufacture of furniture decorative coatings attached laminated plywood attractive appearance and can use it for furniture production. Of this material is made cabinets, shelves, racks, kitchen furniture, tables, decorative storage boxes of clothing. Also, laminated plywood used in the manufacture of furniture for gardens, playgrounds, outdoor restaurants and cafes, sports grounds and stadiums. Transportation Laminated veneer is used in the transport machinery, carriages and shipbuilding. High strength, resistance to environmental wear-resistance and thus a low weight of the material you can use it in the manufacture of car bodies, doors, floors, trucks, vans, trailers, buses and trolleys, containers and trailers. Plywood is indispensable in the manufacture of railway wagons, finishing yachts, boats and other ships.

Seats on the boats, catamarans and passenger ships made it out of laminated plywood. This material provides an optimal price-performance ratio and is considered the most efficient in the transport engineering. Storage and Commercial Equipment Strength, durability and the possibility of regular cleaning, including cleaning agents, have made laminated plywood core material for commercial and warehouse equipment. From it are made dressing, shelving and counters, information counters, perform the internal lining of storage space. Terms of use products made of plywood and Storage Since products laminated plywood intended for repeated use, you must fulfill certain requirements, allowing to extend their service life. In the production of forms of plywood sheets are saw cut, resulting in obtained by the open ends. Being insecure, they are "weak" place through which the plywood is saturated with moisture and loses strength. Therefore, all the end slices on a mandatory basis should be handled with special paints based on acrylate in two or more layers.

Necessary structural holes protect silicone compounds to prevent the ingress of moisture. Constant application forms is possible only if it regularly drying, and this process should take place without the use of heaters, natural way. Keep the formwork should be the same temperature conditions, in what will be the process of filling concrete. To prevent adhesion of mortar to the protective film plywood work surface casing must be lubricated with special oils. Such treatment will provide smooth concrete or concrete products with smooth sides. After forms must be cleaned from the remnants of a concrete mix. Proper use and storage of products made from laminated plywood will significantly extend their life and save money on purchasing new ones. Sales of building materials (particleboard, fiberboard, plywood), cutting, cutting board materials in the order in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road