Sinks Foster

Still remember the days when most of our kitchens have been equipped with enamel kitchen sink. Certainly, they have served faithfully. But designers and the industry is not standing still. And the good old kitchen Shell has successfully replaced both practical and stylish and beautiful washes of new materials. Stainless steel – is not new, but the production technology improved and as a result of washing her got a new life.

This article – the story is about the stainless steel sink. Leader of innovation in the built-in kitchen sinks is unquestionably the world-famous Italian brand Foster. Sinks Foster adorn many projects famous companies producing prestigious kitchens. Products company today officially announced more than 40 countries and in Russia as well. And, above all, Foster is famous for kitchen sinks in stainless steel. Kitchen Sinks Foster – a whole multifunction centers, which are used not only for washing dishes.

They are intended for food processing – cleaning and defrosting, washing and rinsing. For more practical and convenient accessories – cutting board and Colander, baskets, trays and drainer, which can be fitted with each model washing, also available in Foster. In addition to their sinks are made in the same campaign appropriate style kitchen faucets. Foster produces both types of stainless steel kitchen sinks – Stamped and welded versions. Product range is very wide: it's a variety of shapes and sizes, and different methods of installation with respect to desktop – above the table, below the surface of the table at the table. Because of this, planners and designers of kitchen furniture have the opportunity to develop a stylish kitchen sets, using washes of stainless steel, which are perfectly in tune with the kitchen hood and hob. Qualitative characteristics of the kitchen sink stamps Foster stainless steel reflected tut.Glavnym advantage is, of course, is that material Sink is stainless steel of the highest quality European standard AISI. She has a great thickness, in comparison with other famous producers, and enough high-interest content in the steel of nickel and chromium. Kitchen cleaning of stainless steel such as a firm, not subject to rust and corrosion, are extremely shiny smooth surface. For stainless steel in Foster designed exclusive cover, which gives an ideal combination excellent appearance and functionality. These coatings allow simple and easy to care for cleaning. The result of advanced manufacturing technologies Foster became unusually deep bowls, including a stamped options quite practical and roomy for all operations. Large 3.5-inch drain, which equipped with a stainless steel kitchen sinks Foster, suitable for rapid emptying of the bowl. To protect against ingress of large particles in the wastewater is practical grid. In addition, the firm also produces waste heat food wastes that are compatible with all types of sinks. Standard with some models is an interesting remote control system drain mechanism. For many other types of sinks, on request, it comes later. Distinctive features of kitchen sinks Foster – it's functionality, design approach, attention to detail that allows you to create individual style of each food, making each sink part of the general solution of a kitchen. All products – kitchen sinks, hobs, hoods for the kitchen – made in a single design, made of the same material and have the same type of surface. For more details about the production of kitchen sinks Foster can be an online store Atlanta-Yu, site. Goods made to order and in stock, delivery to Russia.