Childrens Room

To build, a room for two guys need to understand that the situation is similar dwelling has great value in becoming temperamental guys, what will remain in this room. Own premises for crumbs represents the same function as for you the whole apartment. Hunting grow up and educate, interest in being and education of various knowledge, first of all depends on how your kids will secludedly and comfortably placed in an individual room. Such room for its occupants must immediately and the working area and a place for sleeping and living areas. Double room required to combine the best. Because professionals use space zoning, which allows to separate the room for the necessary parts: the area of sleep, guest area, play area and work area. Given that all the little kids like to climb on the various ladders, as well as their Like looking at our world from above, as it is interesting to them, in view of this, an excellent version of the solution to the problem with the zone of sleep, what to say will be a set of furniture for children's room with bunk bed, child.

Applying a similar bed, you release the area of housing, which will be located on a desk, shelving for books or equipment cabinet own things. Not bad guys would have a home to establish a children's corner for physical training as it is known that the proper physical development – the basis of good health. Creating a climate of a child's room should take into account the age and needs of the crumbs. Children's home for a couple of crumbs this little world of childhood, where his small townsfolk rely feel owners of their possessions. Differentiation of floor area to existing zones and interior room, first thing, depending on age and hobbies malyshni. When selecting furniture for a child's room does not need to save on the merit of furniture components, since this depends on the health and safety of the kids, and this is the most important thing for parents. For this to build a real, truly responsible not only yours, but also the requirements malyshni, nursery room for two kids do not have to hurry with the selection of furniture manufacturer.

Needs to select a few different sets of furnishing a child's room, and then stay on, which will be most suitable for you. The most appropriate option would be to furnish the nursery to order, for the reason that a significant proportion of children's factory Suites done with no expensive components and, as usual, accepted size, which is not always appropriate to the parameters of the premises of crumbs, then the most favorable solution of this issue will be the formation of a specific plan for manufacture of furniture for the nursery to order. Knowing each time the master is able to provide your choice of several versions suitable for your premises and suggest how to draw perfectly childish room a pair of children, that they were comfortable in their home. With the personal order of nursery furniture you can be fully convinced, both as a component in the fortress of the installation itself and in the excellent matching of colors. And most important – you will have the conviction that will get just that furniture which is entirely consistent with both your kids and to the interior of the nursery.

Master Leather

As a result, surface is flat and smooth, almost flawless. Further, the surface skin is treated polymer coating, protecting it from moisture and contamination. At the end on the leveled surface of the skin is applied with a roller embossed (perforation). In this way a truly beautiful and smart materials beautiful natural basis. > follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This type of skin – the easiest to clean and very durable, furniture in it is perfect for families with small children or animals, it is good, for example, of the upholstered furniture, that is planned to be used frequently and intensively.

. Category B (top performance) – aniline and semi-aniline leather with partially adjusted person. Used higher-quality pelts, they have a very small number of vices, which are slightly aligned filler and pigment. This category of skin more expensive one, because of water absorption and air-tightness, it is closer to the surface of category C. This is applied to the skin a thin protective coating which protects against moisture and dirt. In addition to decorate this skin is not required, but many use the master 'punch' to enhance the natural skin and drawings pridatey dear and respectable appearance. Category C (natural) – a new product, aniline leather with a natural person. The raw material for production of leather in this class are thick (at least 1.6 mm) soft leather with a natural top layer in tanning process translucent colored with natural dyes, and therefore preserved the natural marks – areas of differing color and structure from the general background that nonspecialists find defects.

Bunk Beds For Children

If you have two kids with a slight difference in age, pay attention to children's bunk beds. Bunk beds for children are not simply allow the release of additional space in the room, but also very much like kids. Buy a bunk bed can be for one child, then this will be my little house. On the ground "floor" which arranged a work area with desk, on the second – a recreation room. About Security "Resident" of the second floor do not worry, many bunk beds have special bumpers that will protect even the most restless sleeping baby. On the second tier can lead ladder or step chest boxes in each step.

Some bunk beds have an additional trigger in the form of slides, a pole or rope. In the baby's room should not be sharp edges and protruding parts, all surfaces should be smooth. Clutter the space of extra furniture not worth it. The most successful version – a multipurpose furniture that has a game focus, the game being created by the bright colors and ability to change their shape, is a kind of – furniture designer.

Children Beds

Note that buying per se functional bed, you also save your money. Today, a growing recognition of merit ordinary bunk beds, despite the fact that, at times they acquire not only just a family with two or more children, but one – all alone baby. In these beds vacant lower tier is used as a place for fun malyshni. In addition, youngsters come to the very soul bunk beds, as they climb entertaining, frolic and sleep on top, therefore such a construction must be provided with a top of a high protective collar to provide security rebyatni. Rising and falling daily on the top floor, your toddler will hammer out a skill and coordination of movement.

It must be noted that ordinary bed in a room for children has been and remains the most popular place for sleeping kids. Such a bed can be placed separately from all children's furniture, and be built into it. The most popular version, in which the bed itself is an element of children's wall. Experts do not advise choice for children's beds are very rich tone. Is it appropriate to stop a personal choice in soft tones, because the furniture in the children's typical of conventional lighting enhance the room. But it should be noted that while children bed must have some components of intense colors. Stopping a personal choice for a particular model of children's beds, special attention should be paid to the components which were used in its production. These components are increased environmental conditions.

Considering the components of the nursery bed from this point of view, wooden bed, no doubt, will be the best choice. But such a bed will have its drawbacks, because both made from wood baby cot, especially from soft rock – pine, alder, can be damaged even by a slight mechanical action. Therefore, stopping their choice on a wooden bed, you need to to give preference to the bed of ash or oak, as this hard woods are more resistant to mechanical stress. It is also fitting to clarify what the paint is covered with a wooden cot, it is recommended to open varnishes, water-based, they do not have a sharp odor and is not toxic. More practical use would be all for children's bed, made from mdf or chipboard with low formaldehyde content (class E-1). Well chosen and picked up a bed for children will give your child a lot of fun and relaxed and healthy sleep.


When a child goes to school in his life is changing, and yet had to change his room. Landscaping nursery is changing gradually, depending on the age of the child. There is need to create jobs for school work and responsibilities. If, however, resides in the nursery than one child, it is desirable that each of them has been provided its own "workplace." Dimensions of working table depends on the individual needs and interests of the student age. If your child is under 11 years old, fits table size 60 x 120 cm, then the demand for labor of the table will grow to 70 x 140 cm The best conditions provide tables that have the ability to change the height and angle. Table with adjustable height is convenient because the child can use them for a long time.

When choosing a table for your kid, do not forget that it surfaces must be fitted for storage (it can be tables, drawers, shelves for books and notebooks, a separate shelf or hook to a portfolio, etc.). In today's world using a computer Education is becoming increasingly necessary. If your computer does not use a specially-equipped table, there should be a separate surface. If a child has a hobby related to performance some action at the table, and room dimensions permit, it is recommended to place a separate table for his hobbies. Pay great attention to the choice of seats. The best option are chairs with a backrest and an adjustable height of the seat.

The seat height should be such that the child seat when he could touch the floor with both feet down. But we should not forget about the full vacation of the child. Therefore necessary to carefully and meticulously go to choice of bed. In small rooms, where there are few children, it is advisable to use bunk beds – this will save space and, at the same time, it will be interesting and useful for your kids. If you are stopped choice for bunk beds, do not forget to take into account the height of the room and the possibility of ventilation. Sleeping bags are arranged in parallel or at right angles to each other. Ladder for access to the upper bed should be quite stable and firmly secured to the supporting structure. The lack of beds, one above the other, lies in the fact that lead them to order rather uncomfortable. Today, there are universal bed facilities, where beds can be arranged as on himself, and next, on the floor – depending on the size of the room. In geographical terms are very attractive so-called loft beds. The space under bed can be used for storage of bedding, books and other things. If the space under the bed remains free, it can be used, for example, for the games. In the nursery school student must provides furniture to store things: school supplies, equipment, and items related to games, interests or sports lockers.