The Family

If you read carefully the paragraph above, we realize, that this was the vision with which began the union of small and medium-sized industries of Venezuela, however, the reality is different, these companies were mostly generated under the concept of family business, which was managed and controlled solely by the members of the family and this could lead to its decline and even collapse in many casesbecause we need to assess that many of these companies had no qualified personnel and did not possess specific managements, only existed as such charges, but they did not exercise the functions inherent to them. Having as main problem of base little administrative and managerial training in the organizational structure, coupled with a others that many with has developed technology. It should be noted that with the passing of the years many changes have occurred in scenarios that have an impact on the organizational behavior of SMEs, as in the case of consumers who increasingly are becoming more demanding in the demand for products that meet their needs and preferences. Consumers demand quality products, preferring already imported that nationals, affecting thus SMEs often cannot compete with that foreign companies have to offer. SMEs within the national territory are also facing the effect of the devaluation of the bolivar, which has led to a lot of businesses closed and those that do not have a strong economic base soon will do so. There is the antecedent of most of them consume imported raw materials and they must make adjustments to the realities of the environment, adjusted to achieve national commodity and redirect their production processes with sight to the quality required for the time being, in order to ensure participation in the market of agreement wings demands of globalization the lack of operation of the business sector of the SMEs in the present is alarming, because there are many that have been closed, others make collections, with fear and all this affects their development and what is more worrying, is that there are many shortages and too much dependence on the foreign import, seriously affecting the future of SMEs in the country.