Musical Therapy

Metaphorically, the therapist may be seen as helping the patient to "tune" him / herself to a bio-energetic field optimal frequencies spontaneously after curative effect. To say that the therapist is directly doing the healing would be difficult to justify because the therapist could know how to run a multitude of biochemical reactions necessary for healing. She / he still can help restore a healing bio-energy field in and around the patient's own re-organization orchestra biochemistry. Extending the use of this metaphor, the therapist could be considered as a tuning device, similar to that required to tune a musical instrument. Therefore, we can say that the therapist as the tuner for the patient's bio energy field.

It is evident then that if an adjustment device is itself out of tune musical instrument will be optimized out of the key, no matter how well the technique of the musician. Similarly, if the music therapist who is helping to facilitate an adjustment of the biodiversity of the patient's energy field "out of tune" This will not only limit the healing process, but it could also be potentially harmful to the patient . It is essential then that the music therapist, besides being a skilled musician, also suffers from internal reset or retune bio energy. What will the therapist use as an adjusting device though? To answer this question, we must reflect on what it means to be in tune. As mentioned before, when the patient is in the harmony he / she feels relaxed, calm, cheerful, happy and joyful.