Can grow in times of crisis

Charles Nance, an international consultant in human resources sales and customer service: In all countries, the SME component is about 85 and more, both have great participation in the labor market and, forever, its paradigms are associated with crises arising from its continuous nature. Living with liquidity problems, living with sales problems, living with problems of management, so for many, the crisis is generally an occupational hazard, keeping the proportions. In general, SMEs are accustomed to individual and sequential crisis arising from their origin, usually generous in good ideas and deficiencies in every way. We find permanent vicious circles associated with a deeply ingrained work culture that is born has a hard time informal and formalized. Technically, the SME can grow in the current scenario, the big reason is its low market share and high flexibility to restructure their operations. It is also a cost advantage dimensional proportional to its size.But the big problem that any company has is the accessibility to the market, because in reality very few know how to sell, most are hanging on the inertia of the market or a high-risk contract that keeps him tied to a customer who has high participation in the sale and consumes nearly all of its production capacity. This generates cash flow problems, at the slightest delay, which in turn creates a high dependence on funding sources that ends up continuing plunge in financial liquidity problems: in short, a permanent crisis stemming from its nature and its limitations to sell. The solution is to turn sales, access to income from the sale of soft growing together with good administration quickly leads to growth of the company. But this solution is not as accessible, because there are very few specialists in hard technologies that generate sales and control management systems that allow sales to climb steadily and help SME entrepreneurs to understand the dynamics of success that makes them grow with equilibrium healthy. He is known for growing companies by end regressed, making them disappear after a vigorous growth. Improve accessibility to markets is the goal of model management and sales management, however, once the SME learns to grow through sales, it is necessary that as the company evolves, its management methods also evolve , so that it can grow and make a good replacement when the time comes for change of generation. The conclusion is that you can grow in times of crisis through strengthening the marketing function that allows SMEs to access management models and sales management expertise to complement its production which is what usually dominate in the extreme. Carlos anco is an international consultant in Human Resources, Sales and Customer Services, is founder of specializes in insurance trading result.