“We gave the murderer to justice Esteban Gonzalez after five months on the run, claiming to be innocent of the death of fascist vilches shots in the Persian Bio Bio. They were the publications of the various mass media after our comrade’s voluntary surrender to justice stupid to publicize the truth. Attorney Patrick Cooper acknowledged that our friend does not show that has inflicted some of the stab wounds that ended the lives of SHARPUTA, but said that his mere participation in several instances it credited as co-author. This is the shit of our democracy today is the Chileans imprisoned in the walls of their homes and the real criminals walk freely in our streets and our country fighting for freedom of dealers, thieves, rapists, etc.. It is unjustly imprisoned just for being an important thought leader in the Puente Alto, to be NATIONAL SOCIALIST!. What our society does not know where the TV and hides of pigs sion communists and anarchists, who are they who are destroying our cities, passing through our streets with bombs and bordering our homes with their propaganda of chaos and terrorism . They ampra justice because, according to the uneducated believe that fighting for peace and freedom.For my part is not only a child’s mind, one of the great utopias of all time, where the majority of its members are underage and where drugs control your style of “struggle.” For those who do not know, our movement is attacked with lies and where the reality is that we fight for a nation free of drugs and crime, where our mission is to encourage youth to sports, healthy living and good habits, we also try to Chilean citizens away from the television box to make way for love and family togetherness. Respect for fighting with courage and loyalty for a utopian world free of misleading and cancers that bleed our country. Freedom to our warriors today that punishment play a disgrace to our ancestors and give death the traitors that litter our country with their lies and terrorism. FREEDOM TO OUR COMRADES! SIEG HEIL! VIVA CHILE! cristhian88