Mobile Stands

Recently we went to a client who has been with us a year ago, but did not remember the address. As modern people, he decided to make an inquiry on the Internet. But how to name what does he want? Though he did not know, and not even very good imagine how it might look like. Our customer was the famous children's writer, and has participated in various launch events. Source: Michael Chabon. To participate in these events, he produced a beautiful poster, as he he calls the 'banner'.

Poster that he tried each time to attach to anything, and somehow (usually taped to the wall). Stick on an adhesive tape poster did not want. tv shoots, a poster falls – these worries have not up to the readers. As we have already guessed all experienced fighters advertising front, the writer needs a mobile booth, which he could secure his banner. However, he could not express in words the essence of his desire, and the Internet has not been able to it looking for pick up because I was searching for our children's writer and taped to the banner. Moreover, even in the print shop where he produced a wonderful poster, nobody could tell us a writer as zakrepitt and on what to keep this masterpiece of printing art. The case of the famous children's writer has once again demonstrated to us that the mobile exhibition stands are essential for any commercial and non-profit organization just do not still know that these wonderful designs exist. If you are also the first to ponder the fact that you need a big, beautiful poster and the design on which it can be fixed, come to our Showroom. We You can see different types of mobile exhibition stands and pick the one that is more convenient to use in your case.