Leila Ribeiro Maria

I walked until it to receive the valuable gift. A glass cup of black small balls! It pulls life! I was for consoled house and I do not remember to have complained in public. In the other day well early, before going for the school, I spoke for my mother who wanted to take coffee in my new cup. I extended the cup and my mother came with the bottle with the coffee pelando and trec trec trec. The deep one of the cup did not resist the temperature of the coffee and fell to the soil, capsizing a thousand glass small pieces.

That needy hand of cow could have given to the least a plastic cup to me. Years later, already in the sixth series, I took off mine neighbor in friend X of the room. I gave it a box of color pencil. I gained a t-shirt. We always came back together toward house, one liveed in the front of the house of the other.

It complained of the nastiness of color pencil that had earned. To make what? I thought that you would go to like, I justified myself, and at the same time remembering to me of the glass cup of long ago. The good one of the friend of the ounce is that you purchase the gift and do not know who you go to be with it to the end. It happens to twirl and to twirl and to come back toward its hand. The minimum value is of twenty Reals and the limit is in accordance with the pocket and the will of the amigo. In the Christmas of 2009 I was until the House of the Ration and bought a 15 bag of kg of ration for dog, in the value of thirty and five Reals. Botei in a sacolo of gift and I moored with a red bow. Everybody saw the tamanho of my gift and had been soon botando the eye fat person on. The gift was for my brother-in-law. It cried as much that I caught the ration and gave of gift for the Jorge, my rotewailler. I gave for it in exchange a book of the mantenopolitana writer Leila Ribeiro Maria.