Clean Power Cone Cleaning Device

Intelligent solution ensures in just a few seconds maximize productivity / downtime for manual cleaning of the tool taper are the continuous application of the optimal tool clamping is the past of one of the most important criteria in the smooth machining of workpieces in modern milling machines after changing the tool. Even when well shielded tool magazines and changers may occur repeatedly on the clamping cones to dirt – about shavings or coolant, are introduced from the editing room. Preemptively to counter such deposits on the tool cones, which offers T + S-Jakob GmbH & co. KG from Pfronten in Bavaria with its special equipment for tool taper cleaning a compact and economical automation solution for metal machining. Downtime with high-precision machining due a thing of the past by manual cleaning of the tool taper. For 40 years, one T + S-Jakob among the leading specialists when it comes to the construction, Manufacturing and installation of sophisticated machines such as about cutting tools for perfectly cut food packaging or tool changers and magazines for milling machines goes. In addition to manufacturing high-quality products, the company offers its customers an active and comprehensive service. No wonder, then, that international companies mainly from the packaging and the machine tool building – on the expertise of the technicians and engineers of Pfronten trust.

Today the cleaners provide already in several hundred milling tool taper T + s-Jacob for a substantial increase in productivity. While the workpiece machining remains constant at the highest quality level. Without regular cleaning, deposits on the tool cones can lead to concentricity errors of the tools. As a result, higher scrap rates for workpieces, a greater wear of tools and production downtime by manual cleaning operations threaten. The T + S device counteracts continuously and reliably the. The principle of intelligent design is simple: before entering the main spindle, the tool stops with his bowling on the cleaning unit.