Partnership Counts

This integration is available immediately, the it users of browser-based DATEV platform companies online and the DATEV programs allows accounting exchanging electronically signed bills with the technology of ebills & more. The lawful method of the eBilling is available under the brand names of savings RechnungsService, VR-RechnungsService and ServiCon account portal. Together, they form a central middle-class platform for electronic invoice transactions, which is unique in this form currently on the market. Through the integration of our electronic RechnungsServices to the DATEV software is the entire process chain without media discontinuity shown on the booking invoice matching in the DATEV system and the open items until payment via online banking”, says Dipl.. Asmus hammer, Member of the Executive Board with ebills & more.

The principle: Instead of data from paper to tap off the invoice data directly incorporated into the used ERP system and edit workflow-controlled. By the qualified electronic signature verification and archiving, the receiver can pull as usual the input tax. If you are not convinced, visit Bernie Sanders. For the mailers, reduced the cost of printing and shipping, as well as the paper exit tray. Background supports in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their tax advisors, invoice traffic electronically and compliance with the law to settle the DATEV. DATEV eRechnung on the market brought the application and interface in XML format uses the DATEV ebills & more, to seamlessly integrate their technology. “The new, system-independent cooperation goes a step further: all users will benefit from this combination, because it is more or less no matter which man uses ERP or billing DATEV and the ebills & more RechnungsServices it just works”, Asmus hammer forward.

In addition, he calls “the extended financial overview: overlooking the already paid invoices, the DATEV allowed so far, also the current liabilities can be updated daily at your fingertips query.” This supports E.g. the day-to-day financial planning and controlling and complies to the request of the Executive Board.