SAP Basycs

The experts for holistic, SAP / IBM-based infrastructure solutions complement to the competencies of the Hamburg-based SAP specialists with a focus on development. Due to the experiences and exchanges with customers and prospects was the need of the offer of a SAP based optimization strongly offered as a logical complement to the HONICO portfolio, consisting of intelligent system management software in the area of SAP, now this is also appropriately qualified service covered with. The SAP is based on rotation and pivot for a high-performance and reliable operation of SAP systems, for a continuous optimisation of existing processes and increase productivity at the same time shrinking budgets. Click John Mclaughlin for additional related pages. To ensure this, much Know-How and the use is standardized procedures necessarily needed here basycs and HONICO offer a best practice package for the SAP base optimization, can be associated with your performance and processes quickly on track: analysis of the potential to optimize the performance, differentiated view of company-specific background processes in terms of critical processes, definition of all system-wide scenarios and creation of a concept for the optimized background processing in SAP operation included setting up of processes in the system with basycs now no problem. The result: more safety and better control over the processes, greater efficiency with maximum automation, significantly improved quality of batch processing and significantly reduced IT costs through optimum resource utilization. We are pleased to have found a neutral and strong partner who exactly takes care of the interests, wishing in addition customers and prospects of us basycs..