Tiling Before Tiles

Waterproofing is sex on a flat surface a special waterproofing solution, which is applied as a coating, thin layer on the floor, with the capture of adjacent walls (in the form of troughs). Tiling Before tile work, aligning the walls, installation of pipes water and sanitation, set mounting frames for mounted plumbing immure built mixers, electrical cables are laid. Then made markings on the walls and floors of pre-designed layout drawings with tiles. In bathrooms ceramic tile first put on the wall. The layout of the tiles on the walls is done so that the cutting was not less than half the width of the tile. This is always possible, starting to lay tile or from the center of the wall, or from any edge, it depends on the size of the tiles, the thickness of the seam and sizes mezhplitochnogo wall. When docking tiles in the inner corners is taken into account which side to look at this angle, ie tile on one wall overlaps the tiles on the adjacent wall.

It is due to the fact that the plane of the tiles are not perfectly flat and when the edge tiles stands on curved surfaces tile turns bumpy mezhplitochny seam at the junction of adjacent walls. Width adjustable suture mezhplitochnogo specific crosses and determined on the basis of the following: how smooth tile, how to fit different tiles and tile border, tile size. Less than a calibrated tiles, the more necessary do mezhplitochny seam. If you lay tile without seams, it's better for these purposes to use granite, it has a higher quality and better conditioned geometric dimensions. Docking tiles on the outer corners of the walls is as follows follows: the ends of tile, calling on the corner, sharpened at 45 degrees and then tile is placed at an angle so that the slices on both sides complement each other to the right angle.