Climbers In Place Of Scaffolding

Despite the abundance of the construction market a variety of facade materials are still the most popular and economical way to paint facades left front of the house. Repair and painting of facade pursue simultaneously two objectives. First, the facade needs to be protected from aggressive environmental conditions (rain, wind, frost, solar radiation) and the influence of biological factors (mold, fungi, microorganisms). Secondly, the front serves decorative and aesthetic functions. The main surfaces of the facades to be color, are concrete and plaster. These mineral surfaces are different capillary-porous surface. Exactly through the pores of the concrete into the water can easily penetrate and wet, which significantly accelerates the process of destruction of the surface. Humidity of the substrate – a major cause of most injuries facades.

Before starting the work necessary to determine type of surface and analyze its condition, because the surface characteristics determine the requirements for one or another form of paints and varnishes. The paint and the painted surface with a point of physical and chemical properties must be compatible with each other. Each facade material for best results requires its own color. For example, for the concrete surfaces of paint used must be alkali-resistant and weatherproof, for wood – waterproof, flexible and non-combustible, for metal – are necessary corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. In addition, if the surface has been previously painted, then necessary to determine the composition of the old paint.

If they are not compatible, then the result may very unpredictable. Once defined the type of surface, it is important to assess the quality and conduct training base before applying the cladding coating. Surface preparation includes cleaning, degreasing, hardening impregnation, finishing leveling, and in conclusion – the opaque coating primer to equalize the color and improve the adhesion (bond) to the paint. For painting the facades at home using special facade, the type of binder used subdivided into acrylic, silicate and silicone. Due to its operational and technological properties have won the most popular acrylic exterior paint. Our company is ready to make the preparation and painting of the facades of any complexity, easy you way – on the scaffolding, cradles and the way of industrial alpinism. Ordering a painting of the facade of our company, you will quickly and accurately performed