Parenting Children

Learning about the world we live in is many-sided and generally normative study in the school curriculum, more questions remain than answers. Also, the learning process in schools and other educational institutions, he is the target knowledge of individual disciplines, but it does little for the self-awareness in the world. A profession – it is something that is necessary, but not enough for human development as a harmonious personality. Child, regardless of whom work parents, he was a child absorbs the atmosphere of home decor. If parents quarrel often kofliktuyut – then it can not positively affect the child. Harmony of the family depends on many factors, moral value if they attach importance to parents, they instill these values the child, if these values have no parents – the child is not the correct settings in dopoluchaet prioretetah in life. Cuffs and belt as they may not be be an attribute of upbringing – is violence and as a consequence – the breakdown of the child, and the distance between otchyuzhdennost child and parent.

Children's impressions of these actions do not disappear with time, they are deeply in the backyard osidayut subconscious. Education must begin with parents. The correct form of knowledge understanding of the nature of things. School NEORA examines not only education, but the diversity of human existence. Generation of knowledgeable and harmonious people will be able to give to society a new young generation of human values, which have a lot to do that, not only in education but in all activities of society. For these and other questions you can to get answers on the site. SCHOOL NEORA