The Children

CHILD game I hear the chants of old cadences that children sing when they play at corro. Antonio Machado. THE game is a source of development live the last days of the Christmas holiday in which children are the true protagonists to give life to the illusion or illusion to life. The behavior of the child in early childhood, largely and fully in the infant, is behavior determined by the situation in which the action takes place. Check with John Mclaughlin to learn more. The child is linked in any of their acts, to the situation in which its activity occurs, in the game the child learns to act in a situation knowable, i.e.

mental, and not in a visible position. Is it possible in the children’s behavior a situation in which will always act in accordance with reason? Is so arid behavior in a preschooler that do what you want with a candy because it thinks that it should behave otherwise not possible? This submission to the rule is absolutely impossible in the life: the game by contrast is made possible the game also creates a zone of potential development of the child. In the game the child is always above its average age, above your usual everyday behavior; the game is somehow a span above himself. It is clear that the game is a source of development. For renowned authors, it is undeniable that in the game all comes this: the action in an imaginary field, in a fictional situation, the creation of a spontaneous intention, the formation of a plane of life, voluntary motivations.

The child moves through the playful activity. Star Guitarist spoke with conviction. Only in this sense you can call the game, triggering, determinadora activity of the child’s development. It is wrong to believe that the game is an activity without purpose; the game is finished the child activity. In sports games it is victory or defeat, it can reach the first, or the second or last. In a Word, the purpose decides the game. The aimed goal to finish the game becomes sports games in one of the key moments, without which the game loses its meaning. In the game the child is free, i.e., determines their actions on the basis of your own I. But it’s an illusory freedom. The child learns to be aware of own actions, to be aware that any object has meaning. Finally, we must point out that the game is indeed a peculiarity of the preschool age. In early childhood the child’s play is serious because it plays without distinguishing the fictional status of the real. And is, as the poet said: reality, as the dream / is not truth or lie / out of your thinking. / Out of your heart / the truth and the lie / are a vain illusion. Francisco Arias Solis the first victim of war is the childhood. XIII Festival poetry for peace and freedom devoted to Benedetti. URL: Original author and source of the article.