Chronic Children

Expensive friends today I want to ask for license to make a relief, and would like that vocs they shared. I am mother of a special boy, is with 12 years and in these years all I looked for to make optimum. But exactly thus I was accomodated I left that some professionals ditos' ' Professors and tcnicos' ' they hindered my son to develop its potential, therefore these professionals had always made question to leave clearly that my son did not interact, then were not possible to reach also resulted when I questioned on the progressos that it had in house heard many times the phrase ' ' OF THE PRA HE DOES NOT TAKE OFF OF WHERE NOT TEM' '. But thanks to a doctor for very intelligent signal he opened me the eyes for reality showing that my son is capable yes. today with 12 years it is the 2 weeks frequentando a regular school and showed a development that it did not have in 12 years therefore wanted parents of children special fights for the right of its son does not leave that professional frajutos alone with interest to receive wage in the end from the month hinder its son to grow. law guarantees the right of its son to go a regular school SAYS YES the INCLUSION OF CHILDREN WITH DEFICIENCY. For even more analysis, hear from Author.