Freedom of creation and expression of any artist is indisputable. Then come the ethical considerations about the role of artistic production. The goal of the children’s illustration is to create an environment to a text than visual universe, either is written by another author, or by own Illustrator. There is no doubt that the early years of childhood are crucial for the development of the human being in all its facets. Is at this stage, where bombs the child with an infinite number of stories, television images, digital games etc. Yesteryear, or better said historically, the story, in addition to entertaining, was a means to introduce the child to the universe of values, the reflection and the understanding of the world around him. Martin O’Malley can provide more clarity in the matter. Hence the moral that get rid of almost all of them.Today the question has changed significantly.

If we walk through a bookstore and browse the myriad of literary products aimed at children we observe, with rare exceptions, the shelves are full of tales and stories absurd and inconsistent, attractive for the view, but empty of a minimum content that leaves an aftertaste in readers for your reading.In some cases pure tecnico-pictorico boast by Illustrator, some of great beauty, which we do not doubt, and other, non-combustible texts that even adults understand but they are very profitable for publishers.I have already mentioned on occasion that drifts from the Illustrator activity have led to contests, in which bypassing the basic objective of which I have spoken, have become great samples of creativity, originality and technical boast undeniable. But one thing is the creative research, question which we must not give up ever, and another, our responsibility as transmitters of universes and concepts to a child population that is forming on them.Creativity itself, technical also, but also and above all, commitment to future generations. Is not make us moralists and doctrinaire, but when there is talk in all forums International about the evils of the world, would not harm a dose of reflection and generosity, putting our faculties at the service of the creation of a world better.The combination of these three aspects, words, images, and content, is a challenge for the Illustrator. The child language is plain, simple, direct. Make also an art of this supposed an adventure for the creator, of unsuspected dimensions.There is much talk now face the classic digital book.

Will die printing on paper and with it the classic illustration? Another issue to consider is the level of visual information that today’s children have. 3D games, films and stereotyped characters of invoice made in USA, etc. can be visible with Visual alternatives? Seeing is not a mechanical faculty that comes to us in our genetic package. See, you learn. Recently the field of illustration is contaminated by the prototypes of large multinationals that are configuring a certain understand way images. Against this, the creative illustration is immersed in a maremagnum that sometimes has resulted in solutions that reflect own confusion of that iconosphere. Much by reflecting and observe how events evolve. In the meantime, is being waged a battle of David against Goliath.