When and how to talk to your child about divorce. Do I need to talk to your child about divorce? Required: Permanent omissions may lead to fear and undesirable effects, especially as the baby early or later still knows about it. At what age can a child say about divorce? Since about three years. Preschooler enough to say that Dad live with you will no longer, but you'll sometimes go to my grandmother and my dad, to come to you. Teenager can sk5azat more, but do not go into details (not love, edited). In recent months, John Mclaughlin has been very successful. The older the child, the more he can say.

If he really is small, then postpone the conversation until the moment when the child has any When questions about his father put the child in popularity? Only when an event has occurred or is accepted unconditionally the decision, rather than precede the divorce talk about it with children. Who should inform the decision? The most correct solution, If it makes the mother of the child. If you do not tell him, there is always a well-wisher, who can tell him for you, but in other words, and your credibility will be lost permanently. In what form to say? Any conversation is difficult meditate when you are able to discuss everything is quiet. What to say, and what silence? Everything depends on the child's age. In any case, you understand and available to explain the situation to him and in a positive light draw future. On adultery is better not to say it does not talk about other cases where the actions of her husband humiliated you.