Psychology Children

We perceive that the majority of the children did not play in such a way, and yes they gave more attention to the television, video game among others. As the nimbleness of the project the children had taken the tricks as I stimulate, for the fact of the tricks to be little stimulated in its environment social, with the project the trick was stimulated. Tricks hear repetitions of taken for attitudes of children, intention was with that they learned to play, and forget other ways of diversion that takes the children to perceive the violence, through drawings, video game, tie media more including as Internet, that for the age them children can be something that can help in its cognitivo development, more on the other hand the child have access the everything that the social world places the disposal of internautas, that to a great extent they are not allowed for the ages of the children. We take a special care in using tricks that were capable to teach the children to have communication ones with the others and to respect the one others. It was clearly stops in that the project got the waited success that it was to teach the children to rescue the old tricks, and to substitute the exclusive diversion of the electronic.