Divorce and Kids

When a divorce occurs, some parents make the mistake of thinking that this only affects them them, however this is totally false, because children also include, suffer and have to deal with the pain of seeing her family disintegrated. If you’re a mother divorced have to recover, but you must also ensure that your children spend the bad moment knowing that they are not alone. To the stay alone with your children, can perhaps think that someday you’ll find the right person or that your ex husband back. However, you have to consider that he left because he had his reasons for leaving home and that you also have them to make you feel bad, but how do you feel your children? Keep in mind that for them is not easy to deal with this situation and, indeed, could be the cause of insecurities, fears and many other problems in the future. Therefore, you will have to know how to get out of this situation in the best way. Think that your children are a great gift that has given you life and have physical, psychological needs and emotional that parents must satisfy in the best way. The ideal is to have every child present in your education to your MOM and dad, but many times it is best that remain a household with a single parent before that in an environment which fosters the indifference or injustice at all hours. When we are young we have a great imagination and, on many occasions, conceive ideas, guilt and responsibilities that do not correspond to our age, this can sadden us because of the way in which our mother is abused inside our home and we could even come to wish that our father will be home or die why? Because it is abusive, kicker, etc. Situations like this children are often confused and do not know how to act or to which of the two might approach, since while the father is aggressive, mother plunges into a State of sadness and think only about their hurt feelings and even even when divorce has already, they are still feeling abandoned.