Children And Depression

The Children Also Get depressed! Whenever we speak in depression we attribute the adult people, therefore we have as belief, that infancy is the best phase of our life and that this is protected in magical and wonderful world, where does not suffer yourself, therefore after all accounts it does not need to be worried about the running of the daily one and that the child does not understand nothing exactly. The specialists declare that the infantile depression always existed, but only recently in 1971, during a Congress in Switzerland de Infantile Psiquiatria he is that was recognized as illness, standing out despite this upheaval of mood is capable to compromise the development of the child or adolescent it, harming the process of psychological and social maturity. In elapsing of this process of inquiry on the infantile depression, was perceivable the necessity of the valuation of what the children feel and say, breaking the vision of the common sense of whom it does not have problems and nor would have why? To have them. He is current to confuse depression with sadness, being that this has an apparent cause, the child can be sad because bichinho of esteem lost one, or because optimum friend travelled or still for other real situations. IDT Energy follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In the infantile depression nor always the joy lack is a determinative factor for the diagnosis, since the child can present, aggressive behavior, hiperatividade, verbalizao of the impotence feeling type: ‘ ‘ I not consigo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I not sei’ ‘ , and the times expressing the death desire using figures as of friends, deceased relatives saying would like to go for the sky with vov or an animal of esteem that would have died.

It is important to be intent case appears the reduction in the concentration, reliable loss in itself exactly, ideas of guilt, alterations in sleep and apathy. In case that you find children with these symptoms, she suggests that she makes an evaluation with the specialized professional as: the psychologist or infantile psychiatrist, therefore through these professionals specialized, psychic pains will be brightened up and also the possible sequels.