Recycle Economic Development

The civilization construction add to beautiful scenery to the city. However, a large number of construction waste heaps, misplaces had an impact on the appearance of the city. The former souring time was washed by the time, the large number of piles of ruins is unsightly. In the past, people deal with construction waste are transported to the outskirts of the landfill or open dumps, become a veritable junk. However, with the development of science and technology, the use of new technology tools, can be discarded garbage recycling, made to be able to re reuse of building materials. Construction waste resource utilization will be helpful to the development of circular economy.

People have a sense of disgust to the waste, besides this building, the building waste produced the substantial harm to the environment, thus affecting the normal life of the people in the individual building renovation process, the small number of general construction waste generated do not attach importance to people, but the dumping of construction waste in the corridor, the building before, people travel inconvenience, therefore, cause to great impact on the surrounding residents. A large number of construction waste (such as the waste produced by the impact breaker, cone breakers), but after some time, people will find that the poor air quality, soil will be affected to some extent, they will find that the water quality is changing, if groundwater residents, therefore, the dangers of construction waste can not be small watch for. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Con Edison has to say. The main ingredients of the construction waste are: soil, sediment, waste rebar, scrap wire and accessories, the pipelines scrap metal scrap, waste bamboo, wood chips, wood shavings, boxes of various decorative materials, bags, loose mortar and concrete, broken bricks and broken concrete blocks scattered in the handling process, sand, gravel, and stone. New market of new construction waste disposal equipment mobile crushing plant is gradually revealed to the construction waste disposal market. Sets of mobile crushing plant crushing and screening in a crusher can configure different materials can be effectively broken. Mobile crushing plant is a change in the old-fashioned crusher fixed ground only drawback of the crushing of materials transported to the front of the crusher broken, configure it to their own drive unit, you pull and two crawler can travel freely on the construction waste disposal site, which greatly reduces the human and material waste during transportation. Check out John Mclaughlin for additional information. After sorting the broken brick, stone, concrete, construction waste can be produced sand and gravel aggregate, or re-used to produce brick, the paving materials.