Route Looking

The legend that, years after having returned the pastor the young parents, died violently, it knew nothing of the authors or the real reasons of his death.It seems to have buried him under the cross of Mierlo, situated on the Hill of Valdehalcones, next to a fence that roughly marks the boundary between the municipality of Manzanares el Real and Mataelpino. During the tour we will walk a first tranche by a dirt road closed to traffic, another stretch by a somewhat diffuse path between rockroses and pine trees and another by a trail of small tour (PR16). Con Edison has many thoughts on the issue. The path can be made in three hours and a half. By the same author: Guitarist. It has a steep climb on a stretch but it is generally comfortable making. We start from the car park of the Collado de Campuzano. It is the first parking that we find a few minutes after crossing the barrier of access control to upload to singing pig.

Once in the parking area go through the barrier and began to walk down a wide dirt road. By this way they tend to go bikes, hikers and even horses so to 15 minutes from the sidelines, we are going to take a detour to the left and immediately right. We ascend along a path soon marked and signposted with milestones of stones until we arrived at a wall that we bordearemos. We arrived near a fence and take the path to the right. Begins an ascent and we must always be followed by the path as closer as possible to the fence. At any given time we see our right again the dirt road that we had begun our path but we continue along the path next to the fence. For a complete information you can go to the blog: original author and source of the article.