Technical Director

“WINAICO modules outperform their competitors under winter conditions Sydney/Creglingen, 10.07.2013 Colin Dedman, the Technical Director of the Atomic & molecular physical laboratory” at the Australian National University has released the results of its solar module testing in the July-September 2013 Edition of the Australian magazine ReNew. In this test, tested the modules under real conditions of winter and the results compared with the power indicated on the nameplate. WINAICO poly-crystalline modules have reached not only the first place at the tested modules and allowed competitors such as LightWay, Trina and Panasonic behind, but set a new record in winter conditions with a score of 108.8%. This impressive result is renewed proof of the power of the WINAICO modules, because each customer gets more power than he actually paid. Hear from experts in the field like novelist for a more varied view. In addition, Colin Dedman has measured the energy density of each module. The energy density is a measure of the real energy yield based on the module surface. This is particularly important Information for the installation of solar systems on small roofs. WINAICO reached the highest energy density under all tested Poly-crystalline modules with an above-average profit of 105.4%. More info: novelist. The quality and efficiency of the WINAICO provides installers, which would reduce the cost of their installation and their customers want to sell a high-performance engine, real added value modules.